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Spend more face time with your customers

Each time you plan a show, your goal is to make it compelling enough for exhibitors and attendees to come back to you year after year. How do you do that when your staff is already stretched thin? Give them time to have face-to-face meetings. Give them time to research client needs. And, give them the tools to focus on meeting those needs in ways that impact success for your exhibitors and attendees.

exhibition-trade-show-softwareUngerboeck Software can replace three or more of the systems you currently use to plan events – including CRM, floor plans, financials, even conference management – so you get a clear view of your customers including event history, sponsorships, and more. Spend less time on mundane tasks, and more time focused on what’s important to your customers. Stop wasting time entering contact information for one client into two, three or more systems. One system means the information is entered once, preventing rekeying errors and eliminating the need to reconcile data between departments.

Exhibition & trade show planning software that puts time back on your side

When you spend less time on mundane tasks, you’ll have more time to learn about your customers. What they need from your show. How to deliver high quality content in new and exciting ways.

Because Ungerboeck Software is built from the ground up specifically for the events industry, it can help you manage events from initial contact and planning through final billing and reports. You’ll gain game changing efficiency that will free you up to focus on the things that really matter to your clients, and to your business.

  • Spend more time on revenue generating tasks: Stop jumping from one software system to another or from spreadsheet to spreadsheet entering and tracking down information. Spend more time on providing first rate customer service that actually makes a difference to clients, sponsors and attendees.
  • Make strategic decisions faster and with better insight: Get a 360 degree view of all your prospects, clients contacts, and multiple contacts within an organization, on screen, so you can make well-informed recommendations and strategic decisions almost immediately.
  • Leave nothing to chance: Easily track and communicate changes made during the event planning process, with automatically updated work orders – and invoices. That means no details fall through the cracks, making your events run smoothly time after time.
  • Keep everyone on the same page, anytime, any place: Track event details wherever you do business, at the office, onsite at an event, even at the coffee shop. And, offer interactive event information right on attendees’ mobile devices.
  • Get more of what you need, less of what you don’t – including added cost: In some cases, the financial software package you’re using costs the same as what you spend on your events software. By having both features in one system, you save by not having to purchase and support different software packages. Plus, Ungerboeck is the only solution in the market with audit-ready financials.
  • Work the way you want to work: Ungerboeck Software can be configured to the way you do business, from the language and terms you use, to the way an individual sets up his or her screen. That level of personalization increases productivity and improves employee satisfaction.

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