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Built from the ground up specifically for the events industry

Ungerboeck Software takes a unique approach to solving our clients’ needs. Most off-the-shelf solutions in the events marketplace are narrowly focused, thus requiring a collection of disparate “tools” with complex interfaces to tackle an organization’s requirements. Ungerboeck Software is a fully integrated and configurable event CRM, event management and event financial accounting system. It can be used as an enterprise solution for your events focused business or is highly complementary to other business CRM and financials applications for an events department within a larger organization. It is a comprehensive, single system that has the power to credibly unite teams across departments, and provide a seamless customer experience not possible with cobbled-together systems.

Software that streamlines your business

Because Ungerboeck Software can replace three or more systems typically used for event and venue management, it eliminates the need to bounce between different platforms to manually enter data multiple times. No more manually passing information from one part of the organization to another, or to manually keep track of multiple databases. Without this inefficiency to burden them, our clients report an average time savings of 3 to 10 hours per week, per user.

One platform, endless possibilities

With all of your event information in a single database, accessible by every user, your team can quickly connect the dots that lead to leaps forward in performance and execution. Ungerboeck Software allows users and leadership greater control, giving them more time to focus on creative new opportunities that further enhance customer satisfaction and positively impact the bottom line.

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