Event Registration Software

Event registration software that helps keep your events live, 24/7/365

Today, web-based registration software seems easy to find. However, most of these tools don’t offer the depth you need to get a better understanding about your registrants beyond which event they attended. Just knowing which event they attended is not enough to build ongoing relationships.

Whether you’re looking for an online conference registration system, exhibition registration software, registration software for special events, or anything in between, Ungerboeck offers scalable solutions that do more than simple registration. Our comprehensive event registration software is combined with a powerful attendee management system, so you can maintain an ongoing conversation with your audiences, inviting them back to your event next year, and offering them new opportunities of interest at other times.


An online registration system that simplifies your attendees' experience

With Ungerboeck’s event registration system, your attendees can create and manage their own accounts, making it easier for them to sign in and sign up again and again, without taking up time with your office staff. That means each time you talk to one of your attendees, you can focus on things that improve the customer experience and spend less time gathering names, addresses and other details.

Our online event registration module offers a full range of features including:

  • Housing: Enable one stop shopping by allowing participants to register for your event and accommodations.
  • Managing multiple registrants: Easily view and track participants from the same company.
  • No transaction fees: Whether you have 50 registrants or 50,000, you pay one license fee regardless of the number of registrants.
  • Payment acceptance: Our secure, event-specific financial package includes more of the features you need, less of the ones you don’t. After the event, your event-specific financials are audit-ready – a huge benefit for your accounting team.