A single comprehensive event management software solution

Ungerboeck’s event management solution was built for the event industry and designed to make an event manager’s life easier. Whether you are an event organizer or whether you work for an event management company, Ungerboeck unites teams across all departments and enables them to work from one database. With all relevant event details stored in one system, you have the information you need right at your fingertips: No need for you to log into different systems and coordinate between two or three separate software solutions.

For exhibition organizers

Floor plan and exhibition space management: Ungerboeck consolidates exhibitor profiles, preferences and exhibitor orders; thanks to direct integration with CAD it helps you graphically assign booths.

Exhibitor and sponsorship sales: Sales representatives can view the complete exhibitor history, including order items from previous years, sell directly from the floor plan and manage proposals as well as contracts.

For conference & seminar organizers

Attendee registration: Combine event management and registration in a single solution, including professional invoicing.

Abstract, speaker and session management: Integrate your speaker and abstract management with your event management and quickly assign presenters to sessions and open them for registration.

For operations

Work and service orders: Whether it’s furniture or AV – capture all of the items and services that are needed on an event, including revenue, costs and taxes, and directly inform the different departments and service providers.

More benefits

All event information in one place: All important event information is accessible in one system, for example event activities and tasks as well as documents and schedules.

Integrated financials: Thanks to direct integration with accounts receivables, you can create accurate invoices and do not have to use disconnected systems.

Real-time reporting: Ungerboeck facilitates your reporting as it helps you capture relevant data and enables you to categorize events to aid with marketing, accounting and analysis.

Purpose-built event CRM: Easily access your clients’ event history and respond efficiently and in a well-informed manner to them. Direct integration with registration and accounts payable makes it easy for you to check registrant details or verify whether invoices have been paid.

Further elements include:

  • Executive dashboards and reporting
  • Organization and event web sites
  • Interactive event guides
  • Mobile solutions


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