Event Management Software

Event Management Software

One single, airtight event management software system to boost control, efficiency, and your peace of mind

The phrase “event management software” can cover a broad range of definitions, and many applications that offer tools in this area provide just parts of a bigger solution.

Ungerboeck is unique in providing a full and robust suite of applications, all tied to a single database with a purpose-built CRM as the primary interface, allowing event managers to select the elements they need to meet their specific requirements. Elements of the suite include:

  • Exhibitor and sponsorship sales
  • Event set-up and management
  • Floor plan and exhibition space management
  • Attendee registration
  • Abstract, speaker and session management
  • Executive dashboards and reporting
  • Organization and event web sites
  • Interactive event guides
  • Mobile solutions  

Ungerboeck also offers membership and full, audit-ready financial systems, or we can smoothly integrate with your own.

If you are looking to consolidate your systems to increase efficiencies, grow sales, reduce costs and have unfettered access to the data and business intelligence you need to grow, Ungerboeck may be a fit for you.

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