Mobile Solutions

Get into the palm of their hands with Ungerboeck Mobile

The popularity of smartphones and tablet computers is on the rise and event attendees expect to be able to access information any time, any place. With Ungerboeck’s app for meeting planners, app for venues and app for events, you can give them what they want, while opening up a new revenue stream for yourself. 

solutions-mobileOur mobile offerings include:

  • Ungerboeck Mobile for Meetings: Let attendees plan their entire event experience, with speaker profiles, meeting schedules and networking lists. 
  • Ungerboeck Mobile for Conferences and Exhibitions: In addition to providing attendees with the information they need to plan a rewarding experience, this app allows you to offer banner ads to sponsors, either as an added-value or as an additional revenue stream. 
  • Ungerboeck Mobile for Venues: This venue app allows you to share a map of your facility, information about nearby attractions, and more. Offer the app to event organizers as an added benefit for choosing your venue.