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We Are Ungerboeck

Technology Pioneer in the Events Industry

For more than 30 years, Ungerboeck has served as the event industry’s technology leader—driving innovation and helping organizations adapt to emerging trends.

By the Numbers

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30 Plus
We've built event platforms for 30+ years
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Thousands & Millions
We have 1000s of customers who produce millions of events.
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More than 50
Customers in more than 50 countries rely on Ungerboeck.
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Six. Sechs. Seis. 六
Our signature platform is available in six languages.
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Over 20,000
Online community hosts over 20,000 event professionals.
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Empower people who bring people together.

The Ungerboeck Mission

Our Global Footprint

No matter where your business operates in the world, Ungerboeck is there to help you create extraordinary events.