A 2016 Outlook On Event Technology Trends

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Event Technology Trends 2016: Is The Industry Undergoing A Digitization?

It’s a little early to be making predictions about the events industry in 2016. However, there are some obvious trends and developments in the works when it comes to meeting and event technology that are hard to overlook!

Building on technology expert Corbin Ball's forecast for the future of meetings and events, it is foreseeable that the impact of technology on the events industry will be even bigger in 2016.

UFI Live exhibition expert Barry Siskind makes an important point saying technology has been influencing trade shows for a long time: “The impact of technology is not something new; in fact exhibitions have embraced technology for years. Think back to such things (as primitive as they sound now) as cell-phones, fax machines, laptops, Wi-Fi, and lasers. Some are still around and some have outgrown their usefulness. This short list can be expanded but for those of you who have been around these last few decades you know that each new bit of technology quickly found its way onto the exhibition floor.”

event technology trends 2016

Which Event Technology Trends Will Stick In 2016?

Data & analytics. The importance of data has become clear during the past couple of years. Event apps are becoming much more intelligent: With the massive amount of data that they are capable of collecting, marketers and event professionals can gain valuable insights into peoples' behaviors and preferences.

Corbin Ball on app usage and data analytics: "They can provide a goldmine of information about participants’ likes, dislike, interests, movements and more that can be used to improve future events and to provide customized marketing content based on the participants individual needs."

Internet of things. People no longer have to dream of controlling their TVs or door locks through remote access. Everyone has heard of the "Internet Of Things" and the incredible possibility to control our lives thanks to sensor chips. It is foreseeable that this technological development will be incorporated by an increasing number of venues in the future as it will be requested by organizers for shows and conferences. By tracking attendee movements within a venue (for example through iBeacons), event organizers can provide information or push targeted messages to attendees.

Wearables. By the same token, wearables can improve the event participant's experience and will most probably be used a lot more in the next 2-3 years: Organizers could provide GPS directions and help attendees find their way through the exhibition halls. There are infinite ways to make use of wearables at events and collect valuable data about clients.

How Event Technology Will Shape Personal Experiences In 2016

As personalized experiences are becoming much more important to event participants, new technologies offer innovative ways for both organizers and venues to improve the event experience. This includes the following areas:

  • Event registration and check-in
  • Logistical event information, directions and indoor navigation
  • Targeted marketing during the event
  • Audience engagement and feedback
  • Education and learning experiences

If we look beyond event technology, there are a lot more trends shaping the events industry in the future. Stay tuned for a deeper analysis of 2016 trends in the next couple of months!

In the meantime, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on event technology trends and future predictions for 2016. Feel free to contact me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a comment!


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