5 Free Event Marketing Tools

free event marketing tools

Free Event Marketing Tools That Can Improve Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be a valuable, but confusing medium for many in the events business. Obtaining the necessary skills, information and resources to do it right can seem like a daunting task. But with the help of a few free  event marketing tools available on the web, getting a great start is a lot easier – and cheaper – than you think. Let’s take a look at five tools that might be able to help you get started without spending a dime.

free event marketing tools for events


Quicksprout is a powerful SEO evaluation tool that can help you identify weaknesses and issues with your current web/digital strategy. Quicksprout can act as a springboard for the rest of your digital marketing efforts, because you can quickly get a high-level snapshot of your website to understand where you can improve.

Your website is the first point of contact for many potential clients, so making sure that it is optimized is absolutely essential, even if it means completely overhauling your existing website to make it more appealing for your customers and attendees. As the rest of your digital marketing efforts will inevitably lead back to your website, it's imperative that your website properly reflects the first-class experience that possible sponsors, exhibitors or registrants should expect. Quick sprout is the ultimate free event marketing tool for those that are not overly familiar with search engine optimization.


BuzzSumo is a web application that “listens” to the online chatter in your industry and tells you what trends and topics are generating the most buzz. Much of your digital marketing efforts involve pushing content out to your industry peers, and creating conversations on social media, but few things turn those peers off like being pushed irrelevant and superfluous content.

Maintaining an involved and informed digital presence in your industry will drive more people to your website, but appearing out of touch with the conversation could quickly cost you business. BuzzSumo lets you know what the conversation is so that you can participate in it, alerting event folks of potential opportunities that may exist for marketing.

People want to know that an event is relevant. There's no better way of doing that than providing content, insight, and references to the industry’s hottest topics. This free event marketing tool can help you get started.


Content marketing is becoming widely regarded as one of the most cost efficient ways to boost organic traffic. If you want to blog, you want to be understood, and that's where Grammarly can help.

You don’t need to be a professional writer to produce great, readable content. Grammarly helps you get rid of typos and common grammatical errors while providing insight into clunky sentences and other issues.

Ensuring that your content is simple and readable for your audience means that they will be more likely to consume it and return for more. Use BuzzSumo to discover what you should be writing about, then use Grammarly to make sure that your writing reads flawlessly!

LinkedIn Publishing

After you’ve created content that you know is relevant and grammatically correct, maximize the impressions that you get from it! It's likely that many involved in your event organization process have LinkedIn contacts that are candidates for your event as either registrants or sponsors, so recycle your best web content into Create-A-posts on LinkedIn.

This produces a notification in all of your connections’ profile hubs, and is a great way to tap in to your existing network when launching a new announcement or event. While it’s important to not overwhelm your audience with posts too frequently, it’s even more important to make sure that when you do post great content, it is noticed by your audience. Posting on multiple blogs and on LinkedIn maximizes the potential number of eyeballs viewing your posts and your name.

Reddit Communities

Reddit, or “the front page of the internet,” is an interesting website that you might already know about. It is a site where “communities” can gather to share content, links, thoughts, etc. for almost any topic or interest in what are known as “subreddits.” It's worth looking to see if they have a "subreddit" relevant to your event, conference or business. Not only can you learn about new technology and best practices from subreddits like EventsManagement and EventTech, you can also share your event in the communities that are comprised of your target audience. Some Subreddits are very large and can have far-reaching effects for your business.

These five tools, as you’ve probably gathered, work their best when used together. Evaluate your website with Quicksprout, determine the type of content to produce with BuzzSumo, make it readable with Grammarly, then spread it your audience through blogs, LinkedIn and Reddit!

In the end, marketing your event is all about engaging with your audience in meaningful ways through discussion and industry conversation. When implemented correctly, strong online marketing can generate unbridled growth for your event and your business.

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