5 Ways Meeting Planners Can Leverage Video Content

Thanks to the internet, the distribution of knowledge has reached a point where it’s nearly unfathomable to discern the amount of education that your meeting attendees have access to on a daily basis.

In fact, a Business Insider recently reported that if you attempted to print the entire internet, you’d be looking at 136 billion pieces of standard 8-by-11 sheets of paper, which when stacked atop one another would measure 8,300 miles high.

That’s larger than the earth’s equatorial diameter (7,926 miles).

In an effort to keep your meeting’s content from getting buried under the brunt of these figures, and to go a step further in creating education that is so valuable and enticing that they want to expend resources on attending your meeting, you have to start thinking outside the traditional content delivery box.

Enter crowdsourced video content.

By allowing users the ability to stream live video from their devices, companies like Periscope and Meerkat are expanding the horizon of real-time interaction with speakers, fellow attendees, and content at meetings, events and conferences.


The simplicity of these apps is the key to their effectiveness, and the ability for both parties involved in the dissemination of content to participate allows your content to be shared from every perspective. Here are 5 ways you can leverage these and other video-streaming tools at your next meeting:

  1. Invite Attendees To Your Walk Through | Assign your event’s hashtag early, and let attendees join you as you walk through the sites you are considering for your meeting. The apps allow viewers to comment in real time, which is an opportunity for you to get the crowd involved in choosing where the meeting will be held.

  2. Host an AMA Pre-Meeting | Instead of waiting for the speaker to meet attendees in their session, consider leveraging the power of the comment portion of the tool to allow users to engage them pre-meeting to help them shape their presentation. This two-way communication benefits the speaker by allowing he/she to know what the audience is hungry for, and the soon-to-be attendee to establish a connection with the speaker pre-meeting.

  3. Up Vote Food & Beverage | Catering is always a touchy subject with attendees, and for the most part, a planner can never appease every attendee’s palate. What if, instead of just reviewing a menu, you collaborated with your caterer to do a taste-test of what will be served at the meeting, and invite attendees to join you on the journey? Make sure to ask them what they think about each dish, and wait for their response (comments, or hearts) before moving to the next. Personalization is everything for attendees, so by giving them the ability to shape their menu, you are displaying your consciousness of their need for that individual attention.

  4. When Things Are Going Wrong...Tell Everyone | Transparency is of utmost importance to today’s meeting attendees, so take advantage of that by opening up the doors of your operations when things aren’t going as planned. Start live-streaming the size of the crowd at the door when you are getting to capacity and virtually walk people to a new entrance. Food running out at the luncheon? Show it off, own the mistake, and provide people with real-time options for finding new grub.

  5. Give Attendees Their 15 Minutes of Fame | Host a contest that makes each attendee a reporter for your content team. Dispense an array of questions for attendees to ask speakers (If you could summarize your presentation in one sentence, what would it be?) and their peers (What are you most excited about seeing at this meeting?). Require that they use the meeting hashtag when live-streaming, and watch organic content and engagement take flight. Have a fun prize for the person who interviews the most people such as an iPad preloaded with Periscope, Meerkat and your meeting’s app.



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