8 Ways To Make Your Events Smarter

Make Your Events Smarter

8 Ways To Make Your Events Smarter

We’re constantly reading about how the events industry is on the verge of something really special. We couldn’t agree more! There are new methods to event planning that allow us to track attendee engagement and movement. There are also more and more ways to send stakeholders personalized messages, communication, and notifications; enhancing the value of the information and provided by a show or event. With that information, the value of conferences and exhibitions increases at a substantial rate. As an event planner, it’s easy to get lost in the trends and it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of things that you should be doing. Here’s a look at 8 ways to make events smarter.

make your events smarter


Catch them before they’re gone! By putting beacons in place near exits, attendees can be notified on what sessions they’ll be missing out on by leaving so soon. There are dozens of different applications for remote beacons. It’s expected to be a staple of more and more events in the coming years.


Use your event mobile app or other to get real answers from real attendees. Consider taking a poll to ask what they would prefer to see, allow them the opportunity to ask speakers specific questions but only provide the answers during the presentation. Use this involvement towards your gamification efforts to encourage involvement and keep attendees at the event until the end.


Ensure there is the space, and most importantly, the time for attendees to linger and network with fellow like-minded people. Correlate your sponsorship opportunities with networking times. Offer sponsored “happy hours” provided by… this not only helps the sponsor see an uptick in booth visits, it promotes the social atmosphere so many attendees come to events for.


Consider events or offerings that may be conflicting in time frames. If the exhibitions hall and networking events are occurring at the same time, how much does it cost for that hall to remain open if they’re not getting the valuable leads they seek? This is a logical question that people have asked for years. Those focused on making events smarter are trying to find ways to solve this paradox.


Using digital metrics, monitor the session engagement. Time=Money, Technology=Efficiency.
Using this information, you can see where the most popular sessions are, send a push survey questioning if another session should be added, or let attendees know that a particular session is filling up fast and to head that way to save a spot.


Delight your sponsors with added value opportunities: gamification involvement, splash page and in-app banners, sponsor listings highlighted on the exhibitor and interactive maps, surveys, and push notifications. Also, consider the value of adding a premium sponsorship where you offer a targeted lead list. They can use that list to offer a VIP event with leads that are more likely to result in a sale.


Greater digital and mobile engagement leads to hours saved and allows for further engagement. This gives staff more time to focus on the quality of the event. There should be a plan for time that is saved by technology. Figure out how to add that last bit of polish that makes all the difference.


Tell each stakeholder the story that means most to them. If you are talking with a planning team, consider that they would be interested in: the attendees’ experience, budgeting, etc. If you were talking to a marketing leader they would likely want to know more about lead generation, building on those leads and accelerating the communication, proving the value of the event.

Consider these 8 tips on how to make your event smarter and let us know if you think there is something we’re missing or something you do that makes your event invaluable!

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