Association increases revenue, reduces overtime with integrated solution

We’ve all been there – spending long hours in the office in the days and weeks before an event. The West Florida Chapter of Community Associations Institute knew that situation well, until they started using Ungerboeck Software to plan their events.

“When we were doing everything manually, some nights we would be in the office until midnight trying to get registration correct, badges made, and payments updated to see what needed to be collected. Now we’re out of here at 4 o’clock!” said Vicki McClenathen, Executive Director.

The Community Associations Institute provides educational, business and networking opportunities to condominium, homeowner and cooperative associations. The West Florida Chapter presents several events each month, and large annual events including a tradeshow, and two golf tournaments.

Before Ungerboeck, CAI’s four-member team had to manually process all aspects of their meetings and events - from registrations and sponsorships to payments and email communication. They used hundreds of spreadsheets to keep records, and could rarely keep track of all the detailed information that makes membership truly valuable. Additionally, a complex, layered pricing and event structure caused many headaches as clients tried to register for events by email, fax and online data form submission.

By choosing Ungerboeck, CAI was able to make significant productivity gains by saying goodbye to manual entry and moving to an organized database that can keep up with their pricing structures. With Ungerboeck Software, all of their information is available in one single, centralized database. Staff no longer has to key information into multiple spreadsheets and systems.

Choosing Ungerboeck was such a dramatic change that it gave them their personal lives back.

“In 2010, we had almost 1,000 overtime hours. In 2011, after we started using Ungerboeck, we only had 45 hours of overtime,” said McClenathen.

CAI has event attendees that run the gamut of members, nonmembers, business owners, homeowners, property managers and more. To complicate matters, these registrant types can overlap, for example, when a business owner is also a homeowner. Exclusive events and pricing levels apply to each registrant type.

“It’s very complex. But with Ungerboeck, when someone registers, the system recognizes what type of member they are and they are presented with a set of options that are suited to their membership type. It takes the confusion out of whether they can attend an event because they are only given the options that they are allowed to attend,” said McClenathen. “It’s helped us with customer relations too. We don’t have to be the bad guy anymore when a customer would try to sign up for an event that they were not permitted to attend. Using online registration to sign up, they aren’t even given the option.”

With an effective and detailed database system, CAI staff are also able to provide significantly more responsive service to their members and partners. It’s also helped the organization to generate additional revenue by increasing their renewal rates and selling additional services online, such as advertising or sponsorships.

Online registration eliminated another headache for McClenathen and her team. Previously when registration opened for sponsorships, more faxes would be received in the first few minutes than could be sold for each level. It was nearly impossible to manually confirm the registrations before ALL of the sponsorships were sold out. That left sidelined sponsors upset.

“Now, when sponsors go online to purchase a sponsorship and it’s sold out, they know right then and there that it’s gone and can make a different selection immediately,” said McClenathen.

The organization is also happy with their choice of integrated event management software. “The best thing about Ungerboeck Software is that all of our information is in one place, we can pull all kinds of reports that we never even dreamed we could pull before, and analyze data and track whether our events are successful,” said McClenathen. “And the Client Care and Tech Services teams are amazing. They are always willing to help!”

Ungerboeck Software can help your organization become more productive, reduce overtime, and increase event participant and sponsor satisfaction. Let us show you how to make a dramatic, positive change in your organization.

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