Boost the Power of Your Event Hashtag with Video

We’ve been told time and time again that people love to watch videos. Last month, Twitter released a report conducted by Research Now that sheds some insight into just where people are watching videos. According to the study, a lot of those videos are being consumed on a mobile device.

Dig a little deeper into that data and we see that 82 percent of Twitter users are watching the videos that appear on their Twitter feed. 90 percent of those views occur on a mobile device. Even better news— they are engaging with videos. Tweets with videos attached are more likely to garner replies, and they are also being shared and retweeted.

What does this mean for event organizers? It’s time to pull that smartphone out of your pocket, or fire up your camera, and hit the record button. In a world of content overload, a good video may just be what it takes to get noticed and give your event hashtag a boost.


Instead of telling potential attendees about your educational sessions at your event with a link to the program, give them a taste of what they will learn. Work with your speakers to come up with one to two-minute videos that promote what attendees can expect to learn in each session. Bonus points if speakers don’t only promote their session, but also create a sense of urgency and excitement around registering for your event.

Great video is your opportunity to set yourself apart from just about every other event out there. Ditch the generic spokesperson, photo montage, and stock footage. Ask your attendees and exhibitors to record a short video answering three questions.

  1. Why do they attend your event?
  2. What positive thing happened the last time they attended?
  3. What are they most excited about as they plan for this year’s event?

This is the kind of info that is authentic and credible to potential attendees.

At the Event

Do you want to make all those people who opted not to attend super jealous of those who are attending? Give them a little taste of what they are missing out on! Be sure to cover the top two reasons people decide to attend professional events. According to a study by the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE), the top two attendance drivers (PDF Download) are networking opportunities and education (via program, content, speakers, exhibits).

Set up a little recording studio and invite attendees to talk about some of the people they’ve met at your event. Ask them to share the top three things they’ve learned while at your event, or even an idea your event ignited. Bonus points if you use Periscope to live-stream those videos.


All those videos you captured can be shared again, post event. Trickle them out over the course of the year to stay on top of people’s minds. You want your audience counting the days until early bird registration opens, instead of waiting until the last minute to make the decision to attend.

Oh, and according to that IAEE study, the third driver for event attendance is destination or location. So be sure to capture video when you are doing your site visit for your next event. All the location’s amenities that make you excited are sure to get your attendees excited as well.

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