Create Disruption with FOMO

Fear of Missing Out Events

Create Disruption with FOMO

We have all been in this position, scrolling through our Facebook/Instagram/Twitter feed and the instant feeling of jealousy and anxiety hits when you come across one of your friends posting photos and live videos of them at an amazing event… that fear of missing out (FOMO) is all too real. Whether you knew about the event before hand or not doesn’t take away the feeling of ‘gosh, I wish I was there’, ‘that event looks so much better than what I thought it would have been’, ‘wonder if it’s too late to attend if I leave now…’ just pure envy for your friend and those who attended.

So how can you create this type of FOMO for your next event with the end game target to sign up those attendees? Read on!

Before the event:

Social media is the key to enticing attendees to your event. The word needs to be broadcasted to the public:

  • Create an event on Facebook and update it constantly with new updates/sneak peeks, photos of those headlining (concerts), a countdown calendar on how many months/weeks/days until the event.
  • Offer special discounts/early bird rates to those who sign up by a certain date is a great way to lock people in early, making sure they are prompted to ‘share’ their news with their social network after signing up.
  • Hold a competition to ‘tag 3 mates who you want to take to the event to win 4 free passes’. Yes, you are giving away 4 free passes, but if you calculate all those who were tagged (and started talking about it) this increases their attention towards the event. Friends of those friends who were tagged can also see this on their page (which again, increases the wide-spread attention over the event).
  • Offer a money can’t buy opportunity to create hype and excitement (i.e. behind the scenes with the special act, photo opportunity, signed copy of their photo)
  • Use buzz phrases such as: First 50 to sign up receive… (no mention of receiving a set of steak knives please!!), limited seats available, exclusive opportunity, first to secure tickets can choose their seating location, experience not to be missed.

By offering something that you cannot get anywhere else will spike potential attendees’ attention and determination to attend the event.

Creating the Fear of Missing Out

During the event:

Once at the event, the FOMO heightens. To increase social media interactions, Venues need to offer free Wi-Fi so attendees can share their experience more often (including Facebook Live postings). Every event also NEEDS to have social media tags (@ and #), which helps associate posts (text/photos) to a particular event (easier to locate online). So get that #event happening, promote it on the big screen, posters around the stadium, print it on their attendee badges (easier to remember what the tag is then). Create a Snapchat filter to get attendees uploading their event-specific photos. Offer an incentive to get people posting (competition to win a prize, chance for your tweet to get re-tweeted by the headliner, best event selfies to be selected to feature up on the big screen at the end of the event). All this is seen via social media, surging those FOMO emotions. Live streaming is also a great attention grabber, which is something Instagram is about to roll out to users shortly.

A concert I went to over the weekend offered those who attended exclusive information that if they listened to their radio station Monday morning between 6am-9am to call in when they played a certain song to win $1000. I, among probably half of those who attended, committed to this (once again, FOMO kicked in!), so instead of watching TV in the morning, I played the radio, on my way to work I didn’t radio channel hop and when I got into work the radio went on straight away. So as you can tell they still hadn’t played the song, but this got everyone listening from 6am through to 8:40am before they played the song (and unfortunately I missed out). Ratings win for the station, win for those who had paid advertising and even got people talking on social media.

After the event:

Even though the event is finished, doesn’t mean FOMO still isn’t in full swing, it is now hit its peak. Instagram is flooded with event videos, your friends are talking on Facebook about how awesome the concert was and who their favourite act was, photos are surfacing from the gala dinner, so what now? As the organiser, thank everyone for attending and flood your Facebook event page/website page with professional photos (ASAP! People usually don’t want to wait any longer than a day or 2, as the hype has decreased by then) – reminding everyone to tag themselves and their friends in the photos (and to also share the photo album with friends). It is also never too late to hold a competition. Ask everyone to upload their favourite event selfie (so they can tag their mates) on Facebook or Instagram to win a free pass to the next event, meet and greet with the headliner, discount offering to the attendee’s benefit.

Don’t allow your attendees to get caught out with those FOMO feelings too late, grab their attention now, keep fuelling their excitement and hype levels and make sure they share their enthusiasm and intensions with their friends. 



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