3 Digital Event Marketing Tips You Need To Read

Digital Event Marketing Tips

Digital Event Marketing Tips You May Not Know About

Digital event marketing is fast-paced. No event, venue, or show is exactly like any other, and timelines and details are ever-changing part of the process. Each new event has a new audience, and the approach and tactics to market new or upcoming events must be altered accordingly. That is why it is so important to have a great digital event marketing engine.

Whether you’re a venue, exhibition, conference or trade show, it’s vital to have an engine that can duplicate successful marketing efforts again and again. This engine must also be flexible enough to fit multiple events, but dynamic enough to drive action with minimal effort from your marketing staff. Event businesses need a marketing engine that can also be a central hub for registration, information, sales, and much more.

digital event marketing


In the event business, your website can often be a platform for all of your essential business technology including; calendars, sales information, registration, accounting, and more. When you have a good website that integrates with your back-end systems it can help your business automate many of your practices. This almost always helps to create a better user experience for customers. 

Imagine if a customer wished to buy tickets or register for your event online. How easy or difficult would that be? Would they leave your website, and can they access all the information they need before and after purchase from your single web location? Empowering your customers to be able to manage their experience with your event business in an easy-to-use way is invaluable. Technology businesses that are able to improve experiences always show marked improvement across the board when these kinds of changes are made, and this can be accomplished easier than many might think.

Think of it this way, you have this amazingly fast car; all you need to make it go is gas. Compare the gas to your marketing staff's time and effort. Your event technology is that car. Your goal should be to to make that car as fuel efficient as possible. Without a reliable car, it’s pretty hard to go anywhere.


When you put on an event, you put time and effort into leading your audience and potential attendees onto the event website. This can be a centralized location for them to gather details of the event, register for events, etc. The possibilities are seemingly endless. It’s important to keep in mind that this is going to be the first experience that your audience has of your event. Don’t ruin this moment. Make it enlightening. You have control over this interaction so strive to make it memorable and positive.


This seems like a no-brainer, yet we see businesses do this quite frequently. The visitor comes to your page and it’s amazing. All the information they want is presented to them, they can see videos and highlights of the previous year, and they can join in on a Twitter conversation happening right from your website. Great work! Then, they see a call to action and click the link, and where does it take them? Another website. The experience was just shot and buried, and you've lost complete control of your visitors impression of your event or venue.

All of that work that you put into creating an inviting atmosphere is lost to whatever outside source you've sent them to (whether it be promotional or operational). It’s important to think the visitors experience all the way through and map out your desired visitor journey through your digital event marketing platform. The key is to capture that audience and make them yours.


When you put a significant amount of time and energy into your digital event marketing it’s essential to think of the experience from start to finish. The event website is a way to present what you’re about and how you are going to make it memorable before the audience invests their time and money. Don’t lead them astray; keep them within the experience that you, as the marketer, has control over.

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