How Organisers Can Help Exhibitors Produce ROI

Exhibitors Produce ROI

Exhibition Organisers Can Help Exhibitors Produce ROI

On the surface, you might not think the latest report from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) has much to offer exhibition organisers. Focused as it is on helping exhibitors produce ROI and further understand what they can do to improve their success with each passing event, it would be easy to let their findings on how important goal setting and measurement are in this regard just pass you by. But, oh what a mistake that would be!

Reading between the lines, wise exhibition organisers will see that no one is in a better position to help exhibitors produce ROI than they are.

Setting Goals & Taking Names

Titled as, Managing Results: Benchmarks for Exhibit Growth, the new report serves as a primer for exhibitors on goal setting and measurement. Author Barry Siskind posits that it’s not enough to simply set goals. Instead, exhibitors need to think carefully about how to align these objectives with their organisation’s top priorities in addition to defining specific metrics that can be used to gauge post-show success.

It’s this second directive that offers exhibition organisers a particularly great opportunity to prove the value of their show and establish a true sense of partnership with exhibitors. Exhibitors produce ROI from interactions, leads, and meaningful conversations at your show. How you facilitate these actions will directly reflect upon organisers and their event.

Exhibitors produce roi for trade shows

Exhibitor ROI = Your Success

So, your exhibitors need data and measurable results. As an organiser, you’re in a position to offer access to this valuable information via promotional tools like dedicated event websites and mobile apps. Analytics from exhibitor listings and banner advertisements on these platforms can produce real-time readings on important metrics like click-through rates, conversions and lead generation from landing and/or enquiry pages.

You can offer exhibitors additional value through easy-to-access online portals that make it simple to track and summarise all costs associated with exhibiting at your event. Measured directly against the additional metrics you’ve provided from analytics and the actual leads generated on the show floor, this makes it ridiculously simple for your exhibitors to gauge the ROI of your event. With very little effort, you’ll have proven the value of your event and secured a dependable renewal.

Seeing Is Believing

You can tell potential exhibitors how awesome your show is until you’re blue in the face OR you can pull together the data and show them. By the same token, I can tell you that Ungerboeck has the tools that can help you do that or I can show you. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a demo and get one step closer to bigger, better events and satisfied clients!

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