Think Local to Fill Dark Days

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For almost any venue, the battle against how to fill dark days is a constant struggle. There’s no shortage of strategies for filling your calendar floating around but at some point or another, it’s easy to feel like you’ve tried everything. If you’ve been thinking big but still came up empty handed, it might be time to take a look at what’s been right in front of you all along!

Cultivating Local Partnerships To Fill Dark Days

You need to book events and get people in the door. Local organizations and businesses need to provide benefits to their communities. Sounds like strategic partnerships with local media, government and organizations could be a match made in heaven!

Here’s a few ways some venues around the country are making it work:

fill dark days

Discount Opportunities

The Kansas City Royals have teamed up with their local government to offer Jackson County residents a 50% discount off of dynamically priced tickets in specific seating areas to fill dark days. Dubbed, “Jackson County Days,” residents need only show a valid Missouri driver’s license or other form of state ID at the box office to purchase tickets at the discounted price.

Priority Public Transportation

Yet another example of successful collaboration with a local municipality, Dodger Stadium has developed a partnership with LA Metro bus service to arrange for special public transportation to and from the stadium on game days—making it at easy and hassle-free as possible for residents to get down to the field.

Joint Social Media Campaigns

When the slower summer season arrives at Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, KS, a joint social media promotion with Wichita State University Athletics and a local TV station keeps things hopping! The “Ultimate Wichita Sports Ticket” awarded one winner with two tickets to all Wichita State ticketed sporting events, as well as, two tickets to all sports events held at the venue throughout the summer.

In 2013, this promotion brought in 2,874 new Facebook Likes in just over three weeks!

Tourism Guides

It’s not a strategy that will work for everyone, but if you’re lucky enough to manage a venue that enjoys a reputation as a local landmark or popular tourist destination, there’s opportunity to capitalize on that status with your local department of tourism.

Digital and printed tourism guides can be a great marketing opportunity to promote facility tours, museums or special exhibits you may feature throughout the year.

Bonus tip: Provide banners, sample text and other info to your city’s website developer to make it as easy as possible for them to add your venue to their website.

Want More?

Of course you do! Fortunately, we just published a great new e-book, chock full of fresh ideas for filling your calendar. Download it now and find the next big (or little!) thing that’s going to help you banish dark days for good!

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