Fresh Holiday Gift Ideas For Event Professionals

Fresh Holiday Gift Ideas For Event Professionals

Gift Ideas For Event Professionals

The holidays are a time when your venue shines its brightest. Take a glance across the expanse of beautifully coordinated events and you’ll see that every detail is perfect. The elements seem to be executed with impeccable timing and not once is there a question of direction or responsibility for the evening. The event is miraculous and meticulous and the one making it all happen will end the night, just to get up tomorrow and do it all over again. This time for a different audience with different expectations, a new layout, new fires to be put out, and new clients to calm. Event professionals have a tough job and coming up with fresh new gift ideas to show your appreciation is no easy task.

Clearly, the event professionals in your life deserve the best (your customers, peers, and friends). We've recently discussed just how stressful these jobs can be and the holidays are a wonderful time to thank all of those who many not receive due praise as often as they deserve. It's a great way to remind these valued customers and friends just how much their business and friendship means.

To help you come up with some fresh new gift ideas for the event professionals you work with, we've asked for suggestions from some of the Ungerboeck team. Here's a few of the standouts:

Fresh event professional gift ideas

event professionals gift ideas

Event professionals are busy. And stressed. Gifts that thank them for their efforts should be meaningful and useful. Understandably, we know that you’re busy too- so we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding something just right.


Event professionals may or may not have a reputation for being control freaks. Why not encourage them to own it? In additon to getting a kick out of the catchphrase, it's likely they’ll appreciate a gift that demonstrates how much you truly understand their world.

Ungerboeck custom made this shirt based on our CEO's opening keynote at our user conference this year. It strikes a chord with the people that bring people together.


It’s easy to forget to water the flowers and greenery sitting on the mantle or desk — but they’re so pretty when they’re alive! For the busy person in your life who loves a pop of color and a bit of life, air plants are a great gift. They don’t need soil and you only have to remember to water them every 2 weeks (I’ve heard they can be revived if you forget about them too)!

It might be a fun way to help out the event professional in your life who can't quite find the time to keep up with their plant life.


When you’re stressed and busy, a good night’s sleep is hard to come by. Thoughts and to-do’s lists race through your head and before you know it, the alarm is calling your name. Idea! Get them a light bulb that help’s manage the melatonin needed to aid in regulating your body’s natural circadian rhythm.


We all know that beacons are the newest (improved) technology to hit the events industry- so why not put those technological advancements to work in our everyday lives too? Tile is a nifty little Bluetooth device that will help you find those ever-wandering important items like keys or a cell phone with ease.

The wrap up

Event professionals have a tough gig. Brighten up their holiday season this year by getting them a fun gift that tells a story, one they know all too well. They're busy, and maybe a little bit of a control freak, and that's OK because they're appreciated and valued too.

Do you have other interesting event professional gift ideas to?share. Post suggestions and links in the comments!


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