Great Guest Experiences Start Here

Guest Experience Starts Online

Great Guest Experiences Start Here

In preparation for my trip to GuestX this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve guest experiences at venues. There are the obvious things like security, crowd control – even concessions! But what I keep coming back to is where it all begins. Long before guests ever step foot inside the door, their very first touchpoint with any given event is likely a visit to the venue website. It follows then, that if you want to improve the on-site experience, you’ve got to start with the online experience!

Improving Online Experiences

So, if we’re talking websites and user-experience, there are a few obvious starting points: responsive design, concise content and clear calls-to-action are must-haves. However, as you’ve learned, I’m not the kind of guy that sticks to the obvious! If you really want to step up your guests’ online experience and stand out from the competition, here’s a few good places to focus:

Integrated Calendars

Whether they know what they’re looking for or are just checking out their options, your event calendar is likely the first thing users/potential guests go for when they hit your homepage. Are you making it as easy as possible for them to find it? A good rule of thumb is to ensure that visitors have their options wide open with custom filtering by date, event type, venue and/or room type. If your website is integrated directly with your event management software, you can take this one step further with additional options for calendar views, searchable indexes, a featured events gallery and the all-important, direct link to registration right from the event listing on the calendar! Best of all, when you only have to enter event info once vs. in several separate systems, you can be confident that your guests are never seeing old or outdated information.

Interactive Booking Maps

You would never want your guests to describe their experience with your venue as flat, static or boring. But if you’re still making do with jpeg’s and pdf’s to showcase available seats or spaces, that’s just the kind of impression you’re likely to make! An interactive booking map gives users an easy way to search your spaces according to the kind of things they care about most such as, capacity, location and type. The added ability to request more information or book directly from the map brings you one important step closer to sealing the deal.

Integrated Web Forms

So, let’s say a user does request further information from somewhere on your website. What happens next? If said web form isn’t integrated with your CRM, it’s probably not a pretty picture. Treat leads the way you’d want to be treated by cutting out the middleman between your website and your CRM! When vital information makes its way into the hands of your sales reps quickly and easily, the risk of lost or mismanaged leads drops significantly.

Great Online Experiences Start with Integration

Are you picking up on the common theme here? That’s right! Integration is the name of the game if you want a truly great event website. If you’d like to learn more about these or any of the additional integrated applications available from Ungerboeck, find me on the show floor at GuestX. Not in Dallas this week? There’s always This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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