How Caterpillar Makes Event Data Relevant

How Caterpillar Makes Event Data Relevant

Caterpillar Makes Event Data Relevant

Recently, we’ve talked a lot about the value of event data and the importance of using that data to make your organization successful, so this should not be a new concept for our blog followers. However, where the struggle can come into play is how to interpret the information and make organizational improvements both in the short and long term. We had the opportunity to speak with Phillip Rixstine from Caterpillar Inc. about the significance of data management and analysis. He gave us some dynamic insight into how their organization has made event data relevant for their organization.

Caterpillar, or “Cat”, is the world leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment. Glance at most any construction site and the likelihood of Caterpillar machines being utilized is very high. But, Caterpillar offers more than the equipment, they specialize in programs aimed to increase efficiency and minimize fuel consumption. It’s a company that values innovation, and the importance of sustainability is integrated at their core to drive success. And, this is information that they like to provide to buyers, sellers, and users.

Mr. Phillip Rixstine is a Project Manager currently focusing on the execution of the Demonstration and Learning Center Strategy at Caterpillar Inc. With four international facilities available, the training offered ranges from sales to dealer operator support, performance analysis, machine demonstrations and more.

What Phillip said about making event data more relevant...

event data relevant

How Does Your Business Go About Organizing & Collecting Event Data?

“Our business relied on a spreadsheet that was so vast that it kept crashing. It wasn’t an efficient system as we would have to save several copies in different places each night to ensure that the current version wasn’t lost,” stated Phillip. Due to these issues, Caterpillar opted to implement a holistic system that would allow them to better manage all of this data, Ungerboeck Software.

We’ve seen this spreadsheet method of recordkeeping more than a few times. When staff begins to rely on sticky notes, emails, spreadsheets, and various programs to run a business the chances of things being overlooked, double-booked and underutilized multiplies. Not only is there a huge benefit to having all of the daily operations information in one place, but the reporting that helps to grow revenues is less of a task.

Mr. Rixstine uses current bookings revenue to influence planning out the rest of the year’s priorities.  “We can look at the target revenue goal for the year and see where we currently are. Let’s say current bookings bring in $800,000, we then know we to need to sell $250,000 more in order to meet our quota,” said Phillip.

Managing Multiple Locations

Knowing where the opportunities lie allows the organization to better plan for staffing and resources as well. If your business runs several buildings or facilities, it’s essential to ensure that the staff for each location is being used in the best way possible. When you can collect reports and data across multiple locations and still have that information in one place, it will be easier to utilize the best people in the departments/locations that need it the most.

Phillip mentioned the importance of this event data, “…using information that shows specifics to what locations are selling what; which allows us to better consider their staffing needs and how that staff is being utilized. We can also take the information from our international locations [US: Illinois, Arizona, Panama, and Spain] and see that during the rainy season in Panama, that location is not as busy. We can then determine how that downtime can be utilized or invest more to promote that facility to fill the empty days.”

Sharing the Insight

Planning space utilization in one location is a challenge but to carry that across continents truly shows the value of organization and communication. It’s not terribly difficult to get the information needed to make business decisions. However, traditional manual processes make data collection and analysis a labor intensive task and who’s to say the reports you’re receiving include the information that’s really pertinent? What’s important is giving access of your successes (and potential losses) to management throughout the company to help them consider where and how they are investing their labor and resources. Phillip agreed with this statement. Phillip and his team at Caterpillar are great examples of how businesses can transform the time efficiency and ROI of their business by using event data.

The integration of a software solution that presents all this information in an easily collected and legible display is a giant step forward that you can make in order to improve functionality. If you’re looking for more information on how your events space can better manage time and data, check out


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