How Integrated Software Can Change the Sales Process in the Exhibition Industry

There’s a good chance you’re going to be gathering a large amount of information for your next exhibition. For instance, you want to capture data around who the exhibitors are, what their wishes and expectations are, and what the floor plan looks like. Mass amounts of data like this can easily be overwhelming, and the ability to maintain focus is critical to ensuring you find the details you need, where you need them and when you need them.

The importance of exhibition-centric, integrated CRM software

What is the difference between CRM and purpose-built CRM? Both systems are able to manage the key aspects of your sales process. However, a purpose-built CRM contains features needed for exhibition management and omits unnecessary parts. It does not talk about “generic orders,” but “exhibitor orders” and “attendee registration orders.” Furthermore, it makes your sales team’s life much easier by allowing them to view each client’s business history.

One single, airtight system will boost sales efficiency

Imagine the benefits of a truly integrated software system for your exhibition business. If an interested exhibitor calls your sales team to get a quote for this year’s show, all they should do is open the floor plan for your upcoming exhibition with one click – without minimizing or closing the CRM and opening the CAD plan in a new program.

What if it’s a returning customer? Now it’s important to have their booking history at your fingertips. By taking one quick look into their CRM account, you should be able to see the client’s history and access every detail about their previously attended trade shows and booth preferences.

What if it’s a new exhibitor without any customer records? You shouldn't waste time by adding an account to your CRM first. You should be able to enter contact details and everything you need right from the floor plan – and then find that exact information in your CRM.

Manual data entry really is a thing of the past if you work with integrated software. You will automatically see everything you need, wherever you need it in the system.

One integrated system can replace multiple disconnected systems

Of course there is more to an integrated, comprehensive system than floor planning and an exhibitor CRM. If you want to learn more about how financials, online registration, and exhibition management can be integrated, don’t hesitate to contact me with your comments or questions. You can also join the discussion on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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