How To Get Everything You Want For Your Venue

As the manager of a small to mid-size venue, you wear a lot of hats. There’s the booking and scheduling hat. The operations management hat. The lead generation and sales hat, and so on. You like some hats more than others, but there’s one that’s almost never a favorite: the funding request hat. And who could blame you? First, there’s the time and opportunity cost involved just in identifying a need. Then, actually making the request - the outcome of which rests entirely on your ability (or inability) to pull together whatever scattered data you can find to help you make your case. Approved? Denied? Who knows?

But what if someone told you there was a way to make this whole process a fast and easy affair with practically guaranteed results? AND what if they said it would also help you save the wasted time and money you spend wearing all the rest of your hats too? You’d probably be pretty interested, right? So was John Dorsey.

John’s Challenge

As the Director of Production & Scheduling for Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas, it’s John’s job (among many others, re: the whole “hats” thing), to make sure all his teams have everything they need to do their jobs and drive success for the organization as a whole. Operations staff constantly running short on chairs? John. Never enough champagne flutes? John. On a larger scale, John was also being asked to provide support for an over-arching organizational shift toward data driven decision making to meet critical goals and boost revenue.

Between the six to eight emails he was getting each day inquiring about space availability, John and his team were managing these challenges using a 20-year old custom venue management platform and a stop-gap collection of spreadsheets and Word docs. When someone floated the idea of spending yet another large chunk of the budget on custom upgrades to their existing software (that probably wouldn’t do the trick anyway), John suggested the organization take a look at what Ungerboeck had to offer first.

The Ungerboeck Solution

Having implemented our software at three previous venues, John knew the Ungerboeck system would be able to deliver a solution that would meet the needs of the organization now and in the future. Since you’re reading this on our blog, you can probably guess that he was right.

With the Ungerboeck for Venues Flex Edition, John now has a clear view of all the critical information necessary to support a data driven approach to decision making. Need those chairs you’re always running out of? Now the operations staff can pull a report that shows they have a need and justifies the expense with evidence that the expenditure will be covered by the rental fees of the equipment. No chasing down data. No explanation necessary. What executive’s going to say no to that?

The additional capacity of the software to track lost opportunities further adds to John’s ability to support data driven decision making for the organization.

“When we lose 90 opportunities because we don’t have the space, we’re going to be able to make the case to build another space.” John explained. “When we’re able to show those losses, a new facility goes from being a break even proposition to a money maker. The people who fund the capital side understand this. This is the perfect example of a data driven decision.”

Pair that and the time savings on data entry and a real-time booking calendar that allows resident companies to view the schedule before inquiring about booking, and you’ve got yourself a genuine success story!

Want to learn more about how our software could be the best wingman you’ve ever had? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info or Request a demo and get a firsthand look!

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