Is Your Exhibitor Sales & CRM Database a Dump? 7 Steps to Cleaning It Up

Your exhibitor sales and customer relationship management (CRM) software should help your exhibition sales staff focus on selling and providing stellar customer service. But bad, error-ridden, and all-around-useless data often gets in the way. How do you possibly clean it all up?

In a previous blog on cleaning up dirty data, Mark Pritchard, Ungerboeck senior consultant, outlines seven steps to keeping a tidy, useful database:

  1. Rally together a data team, including system users from all departments.
  2. Define your objectives, identify your priorities, and decide where quality data is a must.
  3. Set your “single source of data truth” – your master system for data.
  4. Document your team’s new data quality standards.
  5. Outline a data cleanup plan, assign responsibilities, and set a realistic timeline.
  6. Audit your data, sifting through information and trashing what’s not necessary.
  7. Enforce best practices and regularly monitor your data quality.


Want more details about these steps and other best practices?

Join Pritchard on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. CST as he presents, “Strategic Data Management: How to Design and Maintain Your Exhibitor and Visitor Databases.” He’ll discuss the challenge of big data, how to build your data management strategy, and how to avoid common CRM pitfalls.



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