The Art of Managing Venue Management Technology

This post was inspired by a session presented at Ungerboeck Global Conference 2015 by Mikel Hoffman of Social Tables, a subject matter expert on the impact of technology on convention centers and venues.

Managing Venue Management Technology

In my session at the Ungerboeck Global Conference in St. Louis, I opened the program by posing the following questions to the convention center and venue attendees who joined me:

  1. How are you leveraging your technology to cultivate and enhance relationships with your venue customers?

  2. How are you applying technology to create clearer communication between staff and management within your company?

As they digested this information, I introduced a modern definition for the technologies they should be investing their resources in: Meeting Optimization Software.

Meeting optimization software (MOS) is defined as software platforms & technologies designed for the hospitality community to alleviate time spent on minor details by automating tasks and allowing planners to focus more strategically on their events. In other words, it can help you achieve maximum impact on your relationships and the bottom line. MOS solutions within the hospitality industry are vast, with an array of options that span multiple categories: venue sourcing, meeting design, registration, etc.

The Event Planning Process Pyramid

Venue Management Technology

Before we dove into the technology pool, I had them each take a step back to ensure that we all thoroughly understood the ecosystem that guides a successful event. The Event Planning Process Pyramid provides a digestible overview of how all event professionals should be thinking about events: starting with a venue’s mission and building up through the 7 layers of the pyramid: objectives, plans, communication, sourcing, event management, and measurement with data topping out the pyramid.

MOS comes into play at each of these levels, and as you can see in the SlideShare below, there are technology companies whose very existence is to support them, including:

  • Planning: Room Design by Social Tables; Program Management by Asana; Scheduling by Ungerboeck

  • Communication: Email Marketing by Salesforce; Registration by Ungerboeck; Social Media by TweetWall

  • Sourcing: Site Selection by BizBash

  • Management: Check-In by Social Tables; NFC by EventFarm

  • Measurement: Surveys by SurveyMonkey



As a brief review, MOS enhances your convention center and venue objectives, relationships, and ultimately, bottom line, by providing real-time, cutting edge and collaborative solutions to help you operate more efficiently.

Which MOS technologies is your convention center or venue currently using? What are you missing?

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