Process Optimisation in Small Venue Event Teams

Process Optimisation in Small Venue Event Teams

Process Optimisation in Small Venue Event Teams

Conference centres and non-traditional venues tend to have smaller event teams than large convention centres. As a consequence, the way they design and manage their processes is of a particularly high importance. Despite their team size, they often have very demanding goals regarding revenue and profitability.

I know how difficult it can be for event professionals to concentrate on important tasks while an endless checklist of to-dos vies for attention. With competing priorities comes a higher chance of things falling through the cracks. The trick is to find efficient and smart ways of working so the staff can be more productive and reach their goals.

There are two things I can recommend to venues when it comes to optimising their event management processes and making their teams' lives easier.

process optimisation in small venue event teams

1. One unified tool to optimise all event management processes

Have you ever joined a new team and observed that very interesting behaviour of "obsessive file ownership" among individual team members? That kind of "secret" folder that only one particular person knows the path to? I have seen this many times and only thinking about it makes me uneasy!

Everybody loves their spreadsheets and files they keep on their desktop, but the truth is: Teams cannot work efficiently if team members maintain their data in separate places. Working together means working with the same tools and database.

Use a professional system that everyone can access and can work with. Client data, event bookings and necessary documents should be managed and stored in a professional way. This better enables event teams to work together in a productive and efficient manner.

By working with cloud-based systems, you can ensure the data that your teams work with are available in real-time and avoid the concern of version control. This takes a significant amount of stress off event professionals’ minds as every detail is maintained. Any item or change that a client might request on short notice is immediately visible to event managers.

2. The easy way of booking events

Obviously, venues want to ensure their spaces are being sold in a profitable manner. When convention sales professionals sell spaces, they should rely on the integrity of the event calendar. Sometimes events and bookings are managed with a simple paper calendar, and perhaps this works perfectly fine until the day that a double-booking occurs. Nothing against the power of paper and pen here; booking conflicts can happen with digital files too. However, working with one tool that is connected to a single database, there is higher transparency into the spaces that are already booked.  

Working with a central, electronic booking calendar is something that potential clients can benefit from as well. Consider the capabilities that you have when there are no discrepancies in your calendar. You can offer potential clients the functionality of booking online: What type of events would they like to book? Is it a one-day or multi-day event? Would they like to order AV or catering as well? Offer online payment and make the booking request as easy and efficient as possible. Both clients and staff will be happy about the resulting time savings!


Figuring out smart processes is of particular importance to small teams. Any team can be productive with the right tools in place.

Make sure:

  • Everyone in your organisation works with the same professional tool
  • The team has access to real-time data
  • You use a centrally stored electronic booking calendar

Drop me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to discover how small and mid-sized venues in the UK have successfully implemented new processes in their event management. I would be happy to give you more tips!

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