Revolutionising Venue Management With Mobile Event Technology

Mobile Event Technology

Revolutionising Venue Management With Mobile Event Technology

Mobile event technology is something I have always dreamed of in my event management career. As technology continues to influence our daily work, we are becoming more flexible than ever. This is a development I am more than happy to observe: For event professionals the usage of mobile technology is a major step towards more productivity and efficiency.

Having worked as an event manager for many years, I know how frustrating event operations can be, especially when unforeseen happenings interfere with your checklists and deadlines. More and more conference and convention centres have to deal with short notice changes or spontaneous bookings.

Mobile Event Technology: Events Don’t Happen Behind A Desk

Now, if we take a look at an event coordinator's job in a convention or conference centre, the question is: How are work and service orders communicated to event staff? A lot of venues have efficient processes in place, but the flexibility stops whenever the printer prints out the service and work order sheets. What about any short notice changes that may occur after that? The additional podium or the flip chart the presenter just requested for their breakout session?

I'm not a big fan of printed orders, so my recommendation is: Use your mobile devices. Thanks to better WI-FI coverage in venues this does not have to be an unfulfilled wish any more. Event coordinators could add and check orders in their event management system on their tablet devices and see any changes in real-time.

When it comes to providing event information to service providers, event coordinators often feel like the "information bottle-neck". Once again, access to real-time data can take a lot of stress off event coordinators' minds: If caterers and AV or furniture companies have access to the same real-time information, they don't have to wait for the coordinator to send them the key reports.

Higher Customer Satisfaction Thanks To Optimised Processes

Optimising event and venue management processes with mobile event technology may have a high impact on venue sales. I would even go as far as calling it a major competitive advantage. If you have all data flowing through one and the same event management system, the invoice can be generated just as easy. Any additional revenue that you generate shortly before the event will be captured. Nothing falls through the cracks, no revenue gets lost.

Being able to react to short notice bookings and changes will also result in better customer satisfaction. Your customers will love you for delivering flawless events that take into account spontaneous wishes or changes. As you minimise the amount of paper within your organisation, mobile event technology usage also has an effect on your venue's carbon footprint.


Event coordinators don’t sit behind their desks. They’re on the go – so what they need are tools and processes that allow them to be flexible. The mobile revolution helps venues meet their customers’ needs and requirements. For event coordinators the usage of tablets or other mobile devices can be a big relief and play an important role in their stressful jobs.

Working with mobile event and venue technology helps event coordinators...

  • Be more flexible and respond to client needs
  • Be more efficient and have more time for important tasks
  • Reduce paper and improve a venue’s carbon footprint

Would you add anything else here? Would you like to tell us about your hands-on examples of mobile technology usage in your venue? I’d be happy to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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