Setting the Stage for Change: Performing Arts Venues in a Digital World

Performing Arts Venues Digital Transformation

Setting the Stage for Change: Performing Arts Venues in a Digital World

The objective of any prospective change comes from the desire to make things better. The word change in and of itself comes with a negative connotation but when it is purpose-driven by your customers, it’s anything but.  Responding to your patron’s wants and needs is the first step to building a business model infrastructure that can compete in today’s digital world.

Bear in mind, the driver of initiating a digital shift is also commonly the largest challenge: evolving customer behaviors and preferences. Why is it a challenge? Simply because it can be difficult to really understand how your patrons are adapting to technology in their daily lives. It’s important to first take the time to evaluate their habits, preferences and values to better understand where your mission aligns with theirs and keep the customer experience at the forefront of your evolution. 

We spoke earlier about bracing for the inevitable in the performing arts space as it relates to technology, let’s take that a bit further. We’ll examine each stage of embracing and implementing the digital transformation to help you better understand where you are and where you’re going.

The Six Stages of Digital Transformation


If your performing arts venue is in this initial phase it is, rather simply put, holding steady to the ways that things have always been done. There is little to no progression to implement process changes.


There is a conscious awareness that there just “has to be a better way to do this.” Staff members may suggest different options for the way in which something is being done but it is often met with resistance. 


Although still on a “trial” basis, there is some implementation of new methods to completing processes or tasks but nothing yet standardized (Did someone say automated invoice generation?).


Departments within the organization are beginning to collaborate in finding methods to streamline processes and make communication more efficient. This often leading to a shared interest in looking for external resources or technology to more quickly accomplish those goals. 


There are defined goals and strategies often lead by teams dedicated to the new infrastructure. There is a proposed roadmap for future projects and improvements to the business.


Business processes are adapted on a proactive basis through close observation of changing market trends. There are teams dedicated specially to this initiative to ensure continued success and growth.

Where You're Headed

Based on these various stages, you can evaluate your performing arts venue’s current progression towards the digital transformation. The transition is not immediate nor should it be. It takes time to understand the depth that processes within your organization have and to optimize them in a way that meets the needs of everyone. The ultimate evaluation will come down to how your back of house processes enable the customer experience to be its best yet.

Are you moving towards a digital transformation? Are you looking for some guidance and best practices information? That’s what we’re here for!

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