It's Time for a Social Media Gut Check

By now almost every event organization has incorporated social media into their communications strategy. There are a few marketers out there still trying to convince a dyed in the wool Luddite CEO that social media is as prevalent as the telephone, but those poor marketers are few and far between.

Now that you’ve been using different social media platforms and are getting the hang of what seems to work and what doesn’t, it’s time to get serious. It’s time to perform a social media gut check.

Do Our Metrics Match Our Business Goals?

When you first started using social media it was okay to indulge in vanity metrics. Those are the metrics that measure likes, followers, and favorites. Now it’s time to get serious about measuring your social media efforts.

What you really need to know is, are all those people who like and follow you sharing information about your event with their peers? Measure if people are clicking the links on your tweet to register. Set business goals and then measure your social media’s performance against those goals.

Does Our Content Match Up with the Platform?

When you were just trying to figure out how all this worked you were probably just happy to push the same content out on every platform. Now it’s time to make sure your content has a vibe that resonates with the audience.

Your content on platforms like LinkedIn should be more formal than your fun Facebook and Instagram posts. Think about why your audience hangs out on each platform and tweak your content to match.

Are We Consistent and Reliable?

Consistency probably wasn’t an issue when you first got started. Social media was new and exciting, so you kept up with it. Now that it’s old hat, you may find that you’re not as consumed by it anymore. Perhaps you’re neglecting it.

Take a look at your different social media accounts. Has it been 30 days or more since posting? Do some accounts get more attention than others? It might be time to trim back and focus on delivering quality content consistently on just a few platforms. It’s hard to measure what works and what doesn’t when you are not consistent.

Are We Social on Social Media?

While you’re checking to see when your last interaction was on each platform, take a look at what your interactions are like? Are you responding to others? Are you part of a conversation? Are you sharing other people’s content? Or are you just pushing out your own?

Social media isn’t a marketing amplification tool; it’s a conversation. If you're not social on social media, you need to step back and commit to being a part of the community and the conversations taking place there. Pay more attention to what you are sharing and stop shouting at everyone.

Do We Know Our Audience?

It’s great that you have thousands of followers, but how much do you know about them? Instead of focusing on the quantity of fans and followers, start paying attention to the quality.

Analyze your audience and figure out who are your most loyal followers and who are your influencers. Take a close look at the content you are sharing. Study what type of content get’s shared and what content inspires your audience to take action.

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