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Perfectly matching the recent launch of "Ungerboeck for Venues" for small and midsize venues, the LEVEL Summit united live entertainment venues in Glasgow, Scotland from October 14-15. The event covered hot topics, innovative ideas and case studies of successful venues.

The Lure Of The Local And Big Data

The program included a session on the highly discussed trend and its counter trend “Being Local - Going Global” and addressed “The Lure of The Local”. We live in times where globalization influences a big part of our lives, but at the same time individuals show a great interest in their region’s traditions, history and cultural characteristics. What does this mean for destinations and venues? It is important for them to differentiate from others and respond to people’s increasing needs to celebrate the local.

Everyone seems to be talking about “Big Data” and is trying to figure out how to make use of collected data in an efficient way. While certain industries really struggle to process incredible masses of data, arts and entertainment spaces tend to deal with smaller amounts of data.

For live entertainment venues, theaters and performing arts centers it is especially important to know their clients well in order to engage them, increase sales and drive repeat business. Working with a good CRM system that was built for the events industry helps venues keep track of their clients’ preferences and respond to their requests in a quick and efficient way.

Maximizing Revenue And Utilization

Selling tickets and getting repeat customers is essential for any kind of venue, whether we talk about live entertainment venues, performing arts centers, theaters or stadia and arenas. But how can they make sure their venue is always busy? Maximizing utilization of their spaces is crucial, the so-called “dark days” mustn’t remain dark. Whenever there is no match or play, venue managers need to find different ways to rent out their facilities and make sure the space is actually used, for example by renting out the spaces for conferences or corporate events, concerts or any other kinds of non-traditional events.

Many successful venues work with a software solution that supports their space and event management processes. A central calendar, always up to date and visible for everyone, helps manage space utilization and immediately see and sell what is available. This can speed up the sales process and save a lot of trouble with double-bookings.

The good news is – such a tool does not have to cost you a fortune. With the launch of Ungerboeck for Venues, Ungerboeck Software International offers affordably priced software for small and midsize performing art centers and stadia.

Curious to learn more?

Join our free webinar “How To Manage Space Utilisation And Generate New Revenue Opportunities” on October 23.

We will give you an overview on how to think outside the box and fight the dark days in your venue.

If you would like to read more on how venues can increase revenue, check out these 9 tips to building a profitable event business for your venue.

I’d also be happy to hear your feedback on the LEVEL Summit. Connect on LinkedIn or Twitter or send me an email.

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