Covert (Sales) Ops

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for this quick, shameless plug. Before you run away though, you should know there’s something in it for you!

We know that managing a small or mid-size venue is a tough gig. You face the same pressure as the big guys when it comes to filling your calendar and providing an excellent experience for clients, but you do it with fewer resources at your disposal.

We also know that if there were an affordable solution somewhere out there that really could save you precious time every day, drive revenue growth and generally make life easier, you’d want to know about it.

But what you don’t want (or need, or have time for) is to sit through a sales pitch just to get a peek at the goods. Enter: Webinar Demos.

Deep Cover Demos

Over the next week, we’ve scheduled several free webinars to walk through the most sought after features in our new SaaS offering, Ungerboeck for Venues. All you have to do is sign up, sit back and silently enjoy a zero-pressure stroll through our purpose-built CRM, the best booking calendar in the biz and more.

Come and go as you please, ask questions (or don’t!) and see for yourself how organizations like yours are using our software to drive higher space utilization and create better client interactions. No strings attached!

Check out the schedule and register here. Wigs, glasses and fake mustaches not required, but always welcome.

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