Increased functionality and efficiency are two of the biggest benefits of an integrated system. A large conference center at a nationally ranked university experienced these benefits when they switched to Ungerboeck Software. In just 32 days, they completed the installation. It was none too soon. The center’s previous system irrecoverably crashed in the middle of their switch to Ungerboeck.

The Center’s staff quickly learned that the functionality gained through integrated software would give them a bigger picture of their events. “I think most users are most excited about being able to see all the communication on the event and being able to look at the pdfs of the original request. The fact that we have all of the information attached in the database is amazing from what we came from,” said the Center’s Assistant Director.

Being able to see all of the details for an event on one system makes serving clients much easier. “It’s not even comparable to what we were using before. We might as well have been using an Excel spreadsheet – there was nothing dynamic about it,” she said.

Tracking events and client details over time helps to create flawless events. Knowing your clients and their needs creates well-served repeat customers. “Before Ungerboeck, we had no client history. All of our non-university clients were under one account. So, when one of them would call and say, ‘I did this meeting last year,’ you had no details about what they were trying to book,” said the Assistant Director.

The Center’s staff also experienced how an integrated system could transform their daily work flow. “The ability to keep all the communications in one place was something we didn’t have. We had a piece of paper in our office, and we sent a piece of paper upstairs to an event planner, who then wrote another piece of paper. We didn’t have a way of tracking that.” Ungerboeck’s all-in-one software allows the Center to track events in all stages, from communication through completion and billing. With all communications in one system, there is no time wasted tracking down papers and the danger of double booking spaces is eliminated.

Despite the quick implementation, Ungerboeck’s training was tailored to allow the Center to receive the most benefit. “Ungerboeck’s onsite training was awesome. The consultant had a good way of explaining things to people. I really like the way he was able to change the pace depending on the audience. It was nice that he didn’t drag it out for 4 hours when they could do it in 2.”

Ungerboeck’s follow up and customer service has also impressed staff at the Center. “We have had an outstanding customer service experience. Everyone has been awesome. Whomever I’ve tried to reach out to, I’ve always gotten prompt responses. Even if our consultant was traveling, they always found someone to at least answer our questions,” she said.

With modules available to handle CRM, online booking, event management and more, organizations who use Ungerboeck Software are able to provide exceptional service to their clients and attendees.

Want more information about this quick implementation or about Ungerboeck Software? Contact Ungerboeck today.


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