Why #EventProfs Are Awesome


#EventProfs Are Awesome

If you're in the events industry, you're probably familiar with the "#eventprofs"  hashtag. You're probably also familiar with the over-abundance of articles that highlight the seemingly negative/stressful aspects of being an event professional. We’d like to take a moment to balance the scales a bit. Ask nearly any event professional and, despite continually ranking in the top 10 most stressful jobs, they wouldn’t be doing anything else. So why do we only hear about all the negative experiences? Most event professionals are generally optimists (with a propensity to believe strongly in Ockham's Razor). So, where is this preconceived notion of the events world being an incredibly difficult field coming from?

Event coordinators join the ranks of “Most Stressful Jobs” with military personnel, firefighters, police and more. This is something we are all very familiar with and is usually the center point for many of these negative articles. But, do you know what all of the above have in common? The needs of others are put before their own. A career in which the safety and concern of others as the primary obligation is generally considered stressful. However, in few of these cases would we consider this kind of stress and pressure as a negative.

People often hear "stress" and think about a job that is painfully difficult or unrewarding; however, they may not think about the flipside of the coin. This stress is often related to the desire for event professionals to provide the best experiences possible to their customers and this kind of "stress" can ultimately be very rewarding.

awesome #Eventprofs hashtag


Most of the time, the people who seek out an event professional for assistance in planning events aren’t the ones that are cutting the check. They are the ground-level team members that are set with the task of doing something memorable and valuable for their business. Their concern for the customers experience is as important to them as it is to the event professional. The relationships that come as a result from this comradery are not something easily built. Though there are deadlines, working for (and with!) the right people can make any job significantly more enjoyable. Where else do you get the opportunity to potentially work with people from across the country or maybe even the globe? Striving for the same end-goal and building a relationship with the people you work with is something to take pride in.


The fulfillment that one receives from a role where success is measured in the sure simplicity of human engagement is immeasurable. Looking at the other careers that are ranked as “most stressful”, how can the satisfaction of a job well done at the end of the day be calculated? It’s nearly impossible to translate that feeling into something quantifiable. There are some commonalities among al of these "stressful industries": odd/long hours, tight “deadlines”, urgency and safety, concern for customer satisfaction, etc. Though the stakes are much smaller, the desire to provide people with an enjoyable experience remains the same. Bringing people together for a common objective and seeing that success, fills one with an overwhelming sense of pride and purpose.


A successful event has a much deeper reach into the community than just something that is lucrative to the stakeholders. There is an impact in the community, from the incoming business to local hotels, restaurants, and more, to the commonalities made between people of various backgrounds and culture. The ability to network in person and have these experiences face-to-face is something that will never be replaced. There’s a reason why the projected growth of event coordinators in the next 5 years is over 30%; people matter. An event professional has the ability to make dreams a reality, facilitate growth and learning, garner trust and reliability, continually learn and exceed expectations; the benefits of being an #eventprof far outweigh the stress endured.


It’s time that the event professional role is known for more than a job of high-level stress. The community of event professionals are working to revise the notion of this career path into something much more. By creating days to unite (i.e. Global Exhibitions Day) the industry, that comradery is being elevated. We can only hope that through these efforts, each and every event professional will act as an advocate for what they do and the perception of the “event professional” will take a new light. 


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