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Performing Arts Venues Programming Calendar
The Truth About Programming Calendars      The all-inclusive, all-elusive calendar; at the heart of every venue there is a master calendar that is pumping vital information through and between every department. A beautiful, centrally located map
Tech Trends of Events Industry
Expocheck's Top 10 Trends for 2017 Guest Contribution: Christian Funk, “The accomplishment of digital transition is the no. 1 management objective of our times”, said Bitkom president Prof. Dieter Kempf. 70% of all German businesses consider
Technology's Influence on Fairs
Technology's Influence on Fairs Fairs will always hold a special place in my heart. It brings me back to summers spent counting down the days until the county fair. My local 4-H club exposed me to lifelong friendships and offered opportunities from camp counselor
Fear of Missing Out Events
Create Disruption with FOMO We have all been in this position, scrolling through our Facebook/Instagram/Twitter feed and the instant feeling of jealousy and anxiety hits when you come across one of your friends posting photos and live videos of them at an amazing
Peeling the Layer of Performing Arts
Peeling Back the Layers: Performing Arts Venues The beauty of live performance art is layered: the passion of the actors, the music from the orchestra, seemingly-miraculous set design, transformative costumes, or an immersive script. Each part combines to create
Value Proposition of Event Software
Software Decision: Value Proposition In the first two parts of this article, we examined the background on purchasing a “best of breed” versus an integrated solution, followed by the infrastructure questions that needed answering.  In the final installment
Creating Sustainable Events
Creating Sustainable Events It is easy to get into the funk of doing the same thing for your event year in year out. Great in some aspects, but not so good in others. The main change we need to think about, as Eventprofs, is making your event more eco-friendly.
Performing Arts Software Solution
A Single Source of Truth Split Four Ways The lights of the theatre fade, the curtains open and within moments audience members of every age and background are completely immersed in a world of dance, music, emotion, passion and drama. The world of live performance
Technology Shapes the Exhibition Life Cycle
How Behind-the-Scenes Technology Shapes the Exhibition Life Cycle [Part 3: After] The final installment of this series brings us to the last leg of the show cycle. If you’ve missed my previous thoughts on the Before and During, check them out now! We’ve gone
Behind-the-Scenes Exhibition Technology
How Behind-the-Scenes Technology Shapes the Exhibition Life Cycle [Part 2: During the Event] It’s that time! The show that you’ve been prepping for and anticipating for months has finally arrived. If you read the last part of this series (or in case you missed
Delegate with effective communication
Delegate to Dominate Raise your hand if you have a hard time delegating tasks and responsibilities. If you’re anything like me or the many performing arts pros I speak with regularly, your hand is in the air. As you might expect, we’re hardly alone in our
How Technology Shapes the Exhibition Lifecycle
How Behind-the-Scenes Technology Shapes the Exhibition Life Cycle [Part 1: Before] Event organizers bring like-minded people together to create invaluable, lasting relationships, and with the prevalence of digital communication channels, connection opportunities