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Out with the Old People get stuck in the processes of using spreadsheets and Word docs to try to piece together projects, people, and data. Paper trails that have to be followed. Information gets lost in translation. Data has to be entered into multiple places.
  What are the main issues that University event planners deal with? Anyone can see that there are few organizations that have more departments and moving parts than colleges and Universities do. It takes a lot of people to work together and run all
When you’re an event coordinator for a higher education institution, you’ve got a host of unique issues that you face daily. Not only are you dealing with the common time constraints and last-minute changes familiar to event organizers abroad, there is
If you happen to be one of a handful of show organizers whose events sell-out with little or no effort year after year, congratulations! However, for the rest of us, achieving sales goals requires significant effort. There’s been much written about how to find
In 2016, we used data from the 2015 TSNN Top 250 to examine “[What Is Market Share and What Does this KPI Mean to Convention Centers?]” The following is a refreshed look at that post with new data from the 2017 TSNN Top 250. In a future post, we will examine
Of the many skills required to manage a venue, “magic” should be pretty high on the list. As a venue manager, not only are you tasked with the routine business of booking events, managing staff and overseeing daily operations, it is also your job to conjure
CEBIT 2018
CEBIT 2018: New event format for technology trends (11-15 June Hanover) In recent years, CeBIT has repeatedly suffered from negative criticism. With a bold step, the CeBIT format was modernized and adapted to new target groups. I was curious to see
IMEX Frankfurt 2018 Preview The Imex is just a few days away and the Ungerboeck team is excited to return to Frankfurt. This is our 15th consecutive year exhibiting at Imex and we are thrilled to once again be part of one of the leading exhibitions in the events
Which type of participant are you?
Which type of participant are you? The more conferences and congress you have attended, the better you know the feeling after events. Either You were very inspired and you were bubbling over with ideas You were completely unsatisfied, because you couldn’t
Change Management: 6 steps to success
Change Management: 6 steps to success It is pretty safe to assume that you have encountered a significant change at least once in your career – whether in context of your company’s digitization strategy; because of increasing complaints from your employees,
Optimizing the Customer Journey: better convention and trade fair experiences
How To Reach The New Generation Of Visitors And Exhibitors With Purpose And Experiences We see a generation of young people that has grown up with advanced technology: a generation with a different mindset and therefore different expectations towards the event
Optimizing the Customer Journey: better convention and trade fair experiences
Optimizing the Customer Journey: better convention and trade fair experiences Whether congress, trade fair or concert, in the end the success of your event is related to the satisfaction of attendees. Satisfied customers are an important component for your sales

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