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Behind-the-Scenes Exhibition Technology
How Behind-the-Scenes Technology Shapes the Exhibition Lifecycle [Part 2: During the Event] It’s that time! The show that you’ve been prepping for and anticipating for months has finally arrived. If you read the last part of this series (or in case you missed
Delegate with effective communication
Delegate to Dominate Raise your hand if you have a hard time delegating tasks and responsibilities. If you’re anything like me or the many performing arts pros I speak with regularly, your hand is in the air. As you might expect, we’re hardly alone in our
How Technology Shapes the Exhibition Lifecycle
How Behind-the-Scenes Technology Shapes the Exhibition Lifecycle [Part 1: Before] Event organizers bring like-minded people together to create invaluable, lasting relationships, and with the prevalence of digital communication channels, connection opportunities
Customer Journey at Exhibitions
The Customer Journey at Exhibitions Guest blog from Michael Heipel Compared to e-business, the event industry has been slightly hesitant when it comes to analyzing the customer journey at trade shows. How can event organizers optimize individual touch points
Translating Industry Terminology
TRANSLATING TERMINOLOGY I feel like it was just yesterday that I was a server at a restaurant, running around like crazy, feeling that rush of adrenaline knowing I had more to do than likely physically possible. And every time I go to a busy bar or restaurant
Event Sponsors: Win and Keep
The Event Sponsorship Revolution: Winning & Retaining Sponsors Selling event sponsorships is a tough business. Companies spend thousands (and millions) of pounds, dollars, Euros, etc. to sponsor an event . Given these large investments, the idea of asking
The New Era of Event Professionals
The New Era of Event Professionals Humans are social beings and best communicate when meeting face-to-face. Remember: kings and monarchs met face-to-face to better come to conclusions or compromises. Event planning is a profession with roots in ancient times.
Video Content for Event Professionals
Video Content for #Eventprofs Since the advent of smartphones, the days of relying solely on professionals to record and capture an event has passed. Videographers and photographers aren’t always compatible with an event professional’s budget or they just
Hosting a Successful Conference
What Does It Take to Host a Successful Conference? As a software solution provider for the events industry, I’m sure you can imagine the pressure involved in planning and hosting an event for people who actually do it for a living! And yet, here we are, fresh
Brexit and the Events Industry
What Brexit Really Means for the UK’s Events Industry It seems a long time away, but the vote is clear: Brexit is here, it is real, and we have to live with it. How do UK event professionals feel about the referendum? And what does Brexit really mean for the
Right Event Photographer
Capturing the Right Event Photographer As an event professional, there is more than enough on your plate and worrying about how the event is being captured shouldn’t be one of them. There is so many elements involved with preparing and running a success event.
Participant-driven Events
Unconferences: How Participant-Driven Events Increase Engagement & Knowledge Sharing Dull, dated, and boring are frequently stigmas about conferences. People generally think that they show up listen to an opening speech, go through the motions of preset sessions