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Digital Experiences for Events Requires Mobile
Digital Experiences for Events: Mobile-Friendliness is No Longer Just a Courtesy Let me guess: You’re reading this on your phone right now, aren’t you? No, I’m not actively spying on you (because that would be creepy!), but I am tuned into the latest stats
Sustainable Green Fairs and Fairgrounds
Go Green to Get Green Do me a favor. Take a look in your trash can. Now, depending on what time of the day you’re looking, it could be moderately full or empty but chances are high that there’s a least a thing or two in there that could have been recycled
Engagement Opportunities at Your Next Event
Embracing Engagement Opportunities at Your Next Event I can hear Heath Ledger’s fantastic rendition of The Joker saying “Why so serious?”. We can take this line literally when it comes to event entertainment and engagement. Events shouldn’t always be serious;
Performing Arts Venues Digital Transformation
Setting the Stage for Change: Performing Arts Venues in a Digital World The objective of any prospective change comes from the desire to make things better. The word change in and of itself comes with a negative connotation but when it is purpose-driven by your
Fairground Utilization
More than the Fair: Building Community with Non-Fair Events In our previous post, we discussed two great things to consider when looking to alleviate budget cuts for your fair. The first is something of a “long-term” solution. By working with associations
Guest Experience Starts Online
Great Guest Experiences Start Here In preparation for my trip to GuestX this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve guest experiences at venues. There are the obvious things like security, crowd control – even concessions! But what I keep coming
Influencer Strategy for Events
Effective Influencer Strategies There has been a subconscious shift in the way consumers purchase products and services. Gone are the days where a generic print ad across various mediums was enough to seal the deal. We’ve moved to a market where the perceived
Performing Arts Venue Technology
Bracing for the Inevitable: Performing Arts Venue Technology Change is inevitable. Take a look around and you’ll see a world where the only constant is change. Hardly any facet of life is exempt and when it comes to the forward march of technology, the performing
The Struggle of Fair Budgets
When the Budget Doesn’t Budge The struggle to keep time-honored traditions alive is real. Fairs across the nation find themselves straining as they attempt to manage budgetary cuts, maintain fairgrounds and attract more fairgoers while competing with other heavily-promoted
Venues and Planners are Better Together
Event Venues & Planners: How to Achieve the Best Event ROI Together Every event is a little success story of its own. Whether we think about corporate events or conferences and exhibitions, each format has its specialties, usually requiring a great amount
Performing Arts Venues Programming Calendar
The Truth About Programming Calendars      The all-inclusive, all-elusive calendar; at the heart of every venue there is a master calendar that is pumping vital information through and between every department. A beautiful, centrally located map
Tech Trends of Events Industry
Expocheck's Top 10 Trends for 2017 Guest Contribution: Christian Funk, “The accomplishment of digital transition is the no. 1 management objective of our times”, said Bitkom president Prof. Dieter Kempf. 70% of all German businesses consider