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Optimizing the Customer Journey: better convention and trade fair experiences
Optimizing the Customer Journey: better convention and trade fair experiences Whether congress, trade fair or concert, in the end the success of your event is related to the satisfaction of attendees. Satisfied customers are an important component for your sales
Change management is not a task to tick off, it is part of corporate culture – this is how to get there.
Change management is not a task to tick off, it is part of corporate culture – this is how to get there. Digital corporate culture leads to higher profits and happier employees - this is the main finding of a German study “Culture first! Learning from the
Global Exhibitions Day UFI and Ungerboeck Digital Marathon
Global Exhibitions Day: Join the Digital Marathon! How are you supporting UFI's second annual Global Exhibitions Day? Ungerboeck is proudly hosting a digital marathon to highlight our colleagues, clients and fellow industry comrades from around the world! GED17
IMEX 2017 Top Event Trends
Event Trends From IMEX Frankfurt 2017 Summer, sunshine, IMEX! Event professionals from all over the world got together in Frankfurt from 16-18 May, not only to enjoy the truly beautiful weather during the three days, but also to indulge in trade show madness at
Global Exhibitions Day 2017
Global Exhibitions Day 2017: Think Global, Act Local Guest Publication from Angela Herberholz, Marketing and Communications Manager at UFI It is happening again! Global Exhibitions Day 2017 (GED17) is just around the corner and it's the biggest promotional campaign
Tradition or Innovation at Fairs
The Battle of Tradition vs Innovation at Fairs When was the last time you had to stop and get directions at a gas station? Maybe that one time that your phone died while driving home, but the instances are likely few (if any). How long does a debate amongst friends
Digital Experiences for Events Requires Mobile
Digital Experiences for Events: Mobile-Friendliness is No Longer Just a Courtesy Let me guess: You’re reading this on your phone right now, aren’t you? No, I’m not actively spying on you (because that would be creepy!), but I am tuned into the latest stats
Sustainable Green Fairs and Fairgrounds
Go Green to Get Green Do me a favor. Take a look in your trash can. Now, depending on what time of the day you’re looking, it could be moderately full or empty but chances are high that there’s a least a thing or two in there that could have been recycled
Engagement Opportunities at Your Next Event
Embracing Engagement Opportunities at Your Next Event I can hear Heath Ledger’s fantastic rendition of The Joker saying “Why so serious?”. We can take this line literally when it comes to event entertainment and engagement. Events shouldn’t always be serious;
Performing Arts Venues Digital Transformation
Setting the Stage for Change: Performing Arts Venues in a Digital World The objective of any prospective change comes from the desire to make things better. The word change in and of itself comes with a negative connotation but when it is purpose-driven by your
Fairground Utilization
More than the Fair: Building Community with Non-Fair Events In our previous post, we discussed two great things to consider when looking to alleviate budget cuts for your fair. The first is something of a “long-term” solution. By working with associations
Guest Experience Starts Online
Great Guest Experiences Start Here In preparation for my trip to GuestX this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve guest experiences at venues. There are the obvious things like security, crowd control – even concessions! But what I keep coming