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Evaluating Market Share as a KPI
Evaluating Market Share as a KPI What Is Market Share and What Does this KPI Mean to Convention Centers? In business, market share measures the amount of the market controlled by a single company. It indicates how a company is doing within a given industry. For
Attendee Monitoring Data
Monitoring and Tracking Attendees: New Methods It is easy to think that once event attendees are through the doors and checked-in, they are out of sight and out of mind, right? Well, we know this isn’t true just as much as you do. As an event planner, we want
Software Decision Making
Software Decision:Best of Breed versus Integrated Solution (Part 1 of 3) Upon initiating a search for software solutions to manage business activities, decision-makers immediately encounter a decision point.  Should they go with a “Best of Breed” product
Streamlining Processes at GWCCA
Streamlining Processes for Large Venues The thrill of sporting events: the emotion, the comradery, and the atmosphere. There’s no better sense of community than attending a game surrounded by thousands of your closest friends. If there is one city in the U.S.
Drive Attendees to Events
What Drives Attendees to Events?  There’s been a slight shift in the profile of conference and event attendees within the last decade. It used to be as simple as getting the highest number of attendees (regardless of their fit for the content) with the
European event and exhibition industry
European event and exhibition industry: status quo vadis? This is going to be a pretty personal blog post. Let’s call it the mid-year status quo vadis (“Where are you going?”) post that has been heavily influenced by a couple of conferences that I recently
Decoding Convention Center Occupancy
Decoding Convention Center Occupancy 1. What Hotels Do Hotel KPIs are a good and legitimate model for convention centers. Imagine an investment group deciding to buy a hotel. The group looks at the building’s physical condition, business history and forecast
Facebook Live to Enhance Your Event
How to Use Facebook Live to Enhance Your Event Facebook has been the go-to platform and tool for event marketers since its inception. With the ability to create groups and events and invite people to join, Facebook was an instant hit with event professionals
Pop-Up Events
Are Pop-Up Events Right for You? It’s not enough to simply have a glitch-free event anymore. Event planners are looking for new and exciting ways to creating lasting memories and experiences around their events. A not-so-new, but more recent trend gaining ground
Event Electric Services
How to Increase Revenue through Event Electric Services Selecting the Right Business Arrangement  There are three typical business arrangements: Self-Operation (also referred to as “in-house”) – Many convention centers provide utility services
EURO2016 GED16 Commonalities
Guest blogger: Angela Herberholz, UFI Marketing and Communications Manager  What do the EURO2016 and the GED16 have in common? The EURO 2016 kicked off in June shortly after the first ever Global Exhibitions Day (GED16), and both had the same effect on me!
Eventprofs job description
How Many Jobs Does an #EventProf Really Do? If you were to get a look into an event professional’s daily job, you’d be amazed at their level of multi-tasking, organization, commitment and even sanity. In 2015, and again in 2016, event professionals ranked

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