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Conference & Seminar Organizers Guide to COVID-19 Cancellation and Rebooking

Conference and Seminar Organizers teams should have an internal meeting to discuss how they want to handle event cancellations. The likely scenarios are being cancelled completely, moving to new dates, or would like to rebook but are unsure of new dates. There are business process implications to consider for each scenario.

Step 1 – Communicating with Registrants:

Inform your registrants and customer registrants of the changes happening to your events. Send emails from either Contacts, Registrants or Order Registrants list

Step 2 – Keeping the Event and Cancelling some registrants:

If your event offerings have changed and some registrants decide not to attend, you can offer cancelations to those registrants

Step 3 – Postpone/Move Events:

If the event has been postponed you have options. First, you can move the whole event using our current move event functionality or second, you can create a new event and move all or certain orders

  • If postponing event and registrants move as well
    1. Follow standard move procedures - Ungerboeck Support Center - Moving an Event
  • If cancelling original event and then creating replacement event
    1. Copy the Event to the new dates - Ungerboeck Support Center - Copying an Event
    2. Perform recommended financial transactions as needed on original event
    3. Move Registrants to New event with the Move order functionality within registration orders
    4. Perform necessary financial transactions on the new event.
      • There are a couple of tools that could be utlized here:
        1. Move Payment
        2. Transfer Payment
    5. Cancel the original event
    6. Use the Cancellation status: Cancelled & Rebooked
    7. Use the Cancellation reason: COVID-19 Copy existing event to new event

Step 4 – If your events and registrants need to be canceled, we recommend the following steps: