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Purpose-Built crm for Venues

Your venue's profitability depends a lot on how successfully you sell spaces and how well-informed you communicate with your clients and prospects. Ungerboeck’s purpose-built venue sales and CRM software helps you maximize your space utilization by providing a state-of the art CRM solution with opportunity management, reporting, client history and a 360-degree view of your entire business.

Our CRM solution enables your staff to sell in a very efficient way, helping to manage marketing campaigns and track every point of contact. With all room booking history saved within the system, it is easy to win and retain customers and improve your venue's profitability.



Spend your valuable time in the most profitable places. Get a better understanding of your most and least profitable opportunities and attack the best ones effectively.

  • Customer classification
  • Potential Revenue Calculation
  • Workflow Organization
  • Client History


Ungerboeck provides a personalizable and easy-to-use end user reporting. Thanks to a full integration of your event and CRM data, you have all the tools to generate quick and accurate reports, which helps you make well-informed decisions.

  • Sorting, Totaling & Grouping
  • Define Custom Formulas
  • Share Personal Views & Reports
  • Personalize User Interfaces
  • Advanced Reporting


Generate contracts and proposals in no time thanks to consistent templates. Follow up on their status with automatic reminders and store all versions in one single place.

  • Approvals & Workflows
  • Addendums & Versions
  • Automatic Reminders & Tasks
  • Security & Revision Tracking


Easily create mailing lists and work with individual email templates to facilitate your campaign management.

  • List Management
  • Advanced Database Queries
  • Email Templates & Distributions Lists


Ungerboeck puts all relevant data on your homescreen so you are always well-informed and have all important information right at your fingertips.

  • Real Time Visibility
  • Charts, Graphs
  • Pivot Tables


Thanks to the membership tools in Ungerboeck you can easily track your membership fees and even automate renewals. Offer your members an online portal and grant them better visibility over their membership.

  • Member Dues Processing
  • Periods & Billing Cycles
  • Online Member Application & Renewals
  • Member Profile Management


The online member and partner portal allows members and users, for example local hotels and venues, to easily manage their profiles, publish profile information and collect potential business opportunities.

  • Online Profile / Contact Management
  • Online Lead Response
  • Member / Partner History
  • Membership Renewal / Online Dues Payment
  • Document & Image Upload
  • Administrator Approvals


Efficiently manage your client and prospect opportunities and sales processes: Thanks to a complete client history available in the system, you have all relevant information right at your fingertips which gives you more time to attract events to your city.

  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Meeting & Group History
  • Lead Generation & Distribution
  • Lead Response Tracking
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Room Flow Forecasts & Pick-Up
  • Automatic Reminders & Tasks

Erfolgsgeschichten mit Ungerboeck


Messe- und Kongresszentrum standardisiert Prozesse im Messe- und Ausstellungsgeschäft


Kölns größter Betreiber von Veranstaltungszentren optimiert Arbeitsprozesse und professionalisiert Berichtswesen


Integrierte Software für Messen und Veranstaltungszentren unterstützt wachsende Messegesellschaft

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