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One solution that unites all departments across council

Replace multiple, complex systems that don’t to speak to one another. Only Ungerboeck delivers a complete software solution for councils and local government, to centralise all your space scheduling and event planning. Whether you manage recreation or event spaces, public facilities, venues, or community events, Ungerboeck has you covered.

  • City of Sydney
  • City of Melbourne
  • City of Fremantle
  • Cardinia
  • H3
  • The City of Newcastle
  • Auckland Unlimited
Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Flexible, custom defined fields capture the data you want, the way you want.

  • Online Scheduling and Calendars

    Provide your community with transparent information so they can request the right space and services.

  • Bookings and Event Scheduling

    Maximise utilisation for community spaces and increase profit potential to help meet budget goals.

  • Simplified User Experience

    Bring departments together with a single source of truth, personalized per user and department.


40+ Councils powered by Ungerboeck across Asia-Pacific

A specialist in providing tailored software solutions for councils and local government, Ungerboeck is helping organisations just like yours drive innovation and efficiency to better serve local communities.

Ungerboeck for Government & Councils

Ungerboeck for Government & Councils

Inspired by the need to manage complex events and venues better

E m p o w e r C u s t o m e r s w i t h S e l f - S e r v i c e R e q u e s t s

Give your booking efforts a head start and elevate your customer experience with online self-service tools.

Ungerboeck's Online Space Requests portal transforms your booking and request process with an online self-service experience for your clients. This portal lets your event customers check venue and space availability, provide event details and submit booking requests quickly and easily – without having to wait in a phone queue.

Ungerboeck Online Space Booking screen for government councils

R e g i s t r a t i o n

Ungerboeck’s powerful registration solution is as flexible as your community programs are diverse. Create beautiful, simple sites to capture RSVPS, demographic information, and crucial attendee details. Ungerboeck’s sophisticated yet easy to use registration platform also enables registrations for multiple programs, from community classes to recurring public events, making it easy for the community to register for multiple events in advance. With Ungerboeck’s end-to-end event and registration management, you can have full financial data and reporting in one seamless application.

Ungerboeck Registration mobile screens for government councils

V e n u e & S p a c e B o o k i n g

Visualise your venue's upcoming events and open dates all in one graphical booking calendar. The booking calendar provides visibility across council of everything booked within each venue or space, as well as providing booking officers with a quick way to see all available dates.

Ungerboeck's powerful availability searching tools also allow coordinators to enter several scenarios and find the best fit for each enquiry.

Ungerboeck Booking calendar screen for government councils

M a n a g i n g F e s t i v a l s , M a r k e t s a n d C o m m u n i t y E v e n t s

Ungerboeck’s intuitive stall-management portal serves as a one-stop shop for booking market spaces, making it possible for organisers to maximise the number of self-serviceable tasks, while simultaneously exposing stallholders to additional promotional opportunities, and driving incremental income. Empower users with the ability to simplify stallholders’ processes, executing contracts, making payments, uploading documents, and connecting directly to official service providers to place orders. As an added convenience, organisers can provide stallholders with a custom “Check List” to guide them through all required tasks.

Ungerboeck operations reporting screen for government councils

E v e n t C R M

Get your team to work smarter, not harder. Efficiently manage customer relations, recurring events and booking history all in a single source of the truth.

Ungerboeck CRM screen for government councils

D o c u m e n t M a n a g e m e n t

Manage all your important event documents from risk analysis, to event applications, insurance, contracts, compliance documents and key communications, all from one central location.

Ungerboeck document management screen for government councils

M a k e F i n a n c i a l s a B r e e z e

As the only audit-ready, integrated financial solution built specifically for events and venues, only Ungerboeck can provide event-related financial data that incorporates bookings, operations, and financial transactions.

Eliminating the need to re-key information into a separate financial system, means invoices go out faster, payments are received more easily, financial information is more accurate and increased staff productivity with reducing double data entry. Ungerboeck Financials also has the capabilities to integrate with any Council Financial System.

Ungerboeck Financials screen for government councils

C o o r d i n a t i o n & C o l l a b o r a t i o n

It takes more than just one person to manage the day-to-day operations in your venues. You’ll often have many different stakeholders needing real-time access to information. Trying to find the right contact, searching through shared drives, or raking through emails only slows things down.

Magic happens when everyone in your frontline team to booking coordinators and event managers; from floor managers to tech teams and security; even catering, external suppliers and community partners; is working off the same page. Quickly and easily view and report on deliverables or simply check when and where things are happening. Provide a better experience by centralising touchpoints and get the entire team working in sync.

Ungerboeck communication hub screen for government councils

V i s i t o r T r a c k i n g

As venues start to reopen, safety for staff and visitors is top of mind. New precautionary measures have been put into place by most local governments, including having a digital visitor list for contact tracing.

Our newest multilingual feature, Visitor Tracking, was developed to help you keep a record of your event attendee list and more. Prior to an event it will allow a self-serve, sign-in for your visitors with the option of asking about recent travels or current state of health. It will create an alert for any high-risk attendees so your staff can plan accordingly. Along with sending the attendee an email which includes a unique check-in code to be scanned at the entrance of the venue.

Ungerboeck Visitor Tracking screen for government councils

R o o m D i a g r a m m i n g

Ungerboeck room diagramming functionality lets you create room configurations based on your space characteristics and event requirements. Layout changes are simple, accurate and performant. Easily visualize distances and foot traffic flow with precise measurements and make amendments as required.

Plus, with a single click you can review counts of each item placed against your orders and generate new orders so you can't overbook your inventory. Share the final layout with event planners and customers and save layout templates for future use.

Room diagram tablet 2

S t a l l M a n a g e m e n t M a d e S i m p l e w i t h a U n i f i e d F l o o r P l a n

Ungerboeck’s floor plan management solution has been designed from the ground up using the powerful precision of AutoCAD, but with ease-of-use features found in products like MS Office. Ungerboeck simplifies the process of creating and managing market and festival floor plans, creating and merging stalls, assigning stallholders, and much more via a precise but simple-to-use interface. Ungerboeck’s Floor Plan lets you manage every detail without ever leaving the floor plan application.

Ungerboeck floor plan screen for government councils

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Ungerboeck helped us put digital and customers first within our bookings system.
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Common Questions

How does the Ungerboeck platform for community events and venues booking work?

Ungerboeck provides a comprehensive government and councils venue and event management software that helps manage all aspects of events happening in your venues and facilitates online booking of community spaces.

What are the benefits of using online event booking software to manage your community events and facilities?

By offering online self-service booking solutions to your community, you provide transparent information on space and service availabilities and get a full overview of all the bookings and events happening in your facilities at anytime. Enable single day, multi-day, and recurring bookings to maximize spaces utilization such as community halls and sports fields.

What are the benefits of using Ungerboeck registration module to power your community events?

Ungerboeck allows to seamlessly manage registrations for both in-person and virtual events from school holiday programs, to children courses, to activity classes, and much more.

What are the key features available in Ungerboeck event and venue management software for local government and councils?

Our streamlined venue and event management software offers Online Space Booking, Document Management, Booking Calendar, Stallholder Application Management, Registrations, Sales & CRM, and Financials & Reporting functionalities to help you manage multiple venues and events seamlessly, maximize space utilization, and increase community engagement.