Ungerboeck announces cooperation with Edinburgh Napier University

Karlsruhe, Germany – February 13th 2019
Ungerboeck is proud to announce their recently established cooperation with Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland. The Ungerboeck Competency Certification Program for Master degree students of Business Event Management at the Edinburgh Napier University was designed to further support education in the event and technology industry and raise the awareness for increased competency with digital solutions. Ungerboeck will hold special software courses for these post-graduate students at Edinburgh Napier University to grant them further insight into event management technology for events and exhibitions, venues and conferences.
Dr Martin Robertson, Associate Professor & Programme Leader, MSc Business Event Management, is very pleased about the collaboration with Ungerboeck. He states, “this initiative will allow our students to enhance their digital competency and get real hands-on experience with the Ungerboeck platform, utilized by event professionals around the world and, accordingly, a standard tool within the event industry. As we want to support our students to increase their practical expertise and prepare them for their professional careers in the international event industry, the Ungerboeck Competency Certification Program is a valuable addition to the course program at Edinburgh Napier University."
Stefanie Kilmey, Presales Team Leader EMEA at Ungerboeck, added: “Ungerboeck is a future-oriented company with a big focus on digital expertise in events. We are proud and happy to deliver professional training opportunities to the students of Business Event Management at the Edinburgh Napier University”. Stefanie Kilmey designed the Ungerboeck Competency Certification Program with a series of remote classes taking place in early 2019, starting mid-February.


Edinburgh Napier University is a public university in Edinburgh, Scotland. The university is a modern, global and dynamic business school home to students, staff and researchers inspired by the world around them to provide creative, sustainable solutions to economic challenges and the needs of society. More information about Edinburgh Napier University at and the degree programme at


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El Centro Internacional de Conferencias en Ginebra, Suiza, maneja exitosamente los eventos de diferentes tamaños y alcance en un medio ambiente de múltiples organizaciones con el Software de Ungerboeck.


El calendario de reservas de Ungerboeck y el sistema de manejo de documentos le ayudan al Centro Cívico de Mayo, en Minnesota, Estados Unidos.


La Oficina de Convenciones de Burdeos en Gironda, Francia, optimiza su mercadeo de destinos y aumenta el número de oportunidades utilizando el Software de Ungerboeck.