Eventelligence Report: September 2014

Welcome to the monthly Eventelligence Report! Ungerboeck is always on the hunt for event industry insights, facts, stats and quotes, and it would be such a waste for us to keep it all to ourselves! Here's our pick of interesting info from September 2014.

Check these stats

55% of employees eat or make food during conference calls. Plan Your Meetings

Internet users perform 131 million searches a month globally and 75% don't click beyond the first page of results. Social Media Today

92% of companies who blogged multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog, however there are 31% more bloggers today than three years ago. Social Media Today

33% of users prefer to contact a company via social media rather than by phone. Social Media Today

82% of online event attendees found the virtual experience helped them decide whether to attend the event in person next time. Social Tables

57% of customers said that they would NOT recommend a business with a bad mobile site. Social Tables


"The one skill that can benefit any employee throughout his or her career is clear communication." –Ian McAllister, GM at Amazon

"Responsive philosophy is not just about designing websites that adapt to screen size. It's not just about designing new interfaces. It's not just about upgrading a technology stack. It's about suffusing an entire organization's culture, process, and technology with the ability to respond to any situation, anywhere, for any user, inside and out." –Dan Gardner & Mike Treff, Fast.Co Design

Great reads for event organizers

3 Deliciously Effective Ways to Serve Content to Your Event Audience
By Rebecca Rutherford
Event content is a lot like food in that it needs to be appealing and in the right proportion if you want it to be digested. Let us teach you a little about "portion control" in regards to content marketing.

Confusion and Brain Strain Are Freakish Factors Required to Learn
By Jeff Hurt
Are your audience's brains on auto-pilot during presentations? Jeff Hurt explains how positive cognitive strain actually improves learning and retention.

20 Attendee Retention Tactics to Keep Them Coming Back
By Julius Solaris
How do you make sure that attendees will come back next year? This post shares some astute tactics to keep your guests loyal for life.

Experiential Learning: Another Meeting Must
By Samantha Whitehorne
Your attendees don't just want to sit back and watch speakers present. They want to be part of the action and have an immersive experience. Making that happen will mean deeper engagement and more satisfied conference attendees.

Exhibitor Demand for ROI is High—Can You Deliver?
By Rob Hamlin
Ungerboeck's Rob Hamlin explains what exhibitors really want from event planners in this guest article for Trade Show News Network.

The Effect of Near Field Communication on the Events Industry
By Claire Harrington
Near Field Communication (NFC) is starting to have a significant impact on the hospitality industry. This blog outlines NFC trends that are on the rise in the events industry that you should be watching out for during this huge industry shift.

Great reads for venue managers

Top Arena Execs Dish on How They Move Ticket Sales
By Mitchell Peters
Billboard talked with the executives of five of the world's top arenas. The executives shared what they think it takes to run a successful venue and how they move ticket sales.

Ka-Ching! Cashless Wristbands at Music Fests Mean Big Bucks
By Ray Waddell
Cashless wristbands have been a big success in the venue business.

Visionary Venues: Staying Ahead of the Convention Center Technology Curve
By Michelle Bruno
Managing a world-class convention center is more challenging today than in the past. We talk about how Orange County Convention Center stays on top in this entry of our Visionary Venues series.

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