Managing Change in Your Organization

“Change is the only constant.” – Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

Successful organizations are always growing and changing. They see change as a natural and expected part of the growth process. Sometimes change can cause upheaval and frustration for those involved. Every day, Ungerboeck clients ask us how to best implement change in their organizations to receive the greatest benefit, and cause the least disruption. Because of their many years of experience completing hundreds of implementations, our consultants are uniquely qualified to provide suggestions for best practices in change management.

Improvement to software is one change that successful, growing organizations may need to execute. Whether it’s going from no software to a system, or from disparate systems to a comprehensive, integrated system, many efficiency and productivity gains can be achieved by making a software change, especially if you upgrade to an integrated system like Ungerboeck.

Ungerboeck professionals offer the following information as being integral to successfully managing a software improvement at your organization.

Make a plan for each phase

Planning is the most important stage when making any change. It’s important to plan for each phase of the change, especially when implementing software. With careful and thoughtful preparation, you’ll save time, money and reduce frustration.

Remember that planning is a process and not a one-time occurrence. Identify your stakeholders and discuss the situation with them during each planning phase to make sure you are aware of all the workflows that may be affected by a change in software. Identify all road blocks to help develop the plan and not miss anything. This secures buy-in from all parties. With buy-in, they become a part of the change instead of the change being forced on them.

Implement the plan

Developing and executing the implementation plan are among the most important parts of a successful software implementation. While developing the implementation plan consider the following: How will you select the software? Who will it impact? What are all the different pieces involved?

If you are upgrading your software to an integrated system like Ungerboeck, you’ll notice the need for change. Workflow improvements are inherent to the system and efficiency gains will enable work to be done faster and at a greater volume. Staff will no longer need to rekey information into multiple systems. It will reduce errors and save you and your customers’ time. You should plan for these improvements and incorporate the streamlined workflows into your implementation plan.

After you have a clear picture of what is necessary to implement your change, you are less likely to have unexpected roadblocks pop up. You are sure to have a higher degree of success if you are able to plan for contingencies. Don’t only focus on execution. Consider all stages from selection to preparation to implementation.

Incorporate best practices

During software implementation is a good time to look at business practices as well. Consider the best practices in your industry. What have others done? Research competing software and speak to consultants. Check out your competitors to see what they are doing right or wrong and if you can make a change that will allow you to be more successful than them. Also, research best practices in other industries as these practices may not have influenced your industry yet. Consider how you can integrate these into your industry.

Evaluate your success

After implementation, be sure to evaluate what was and wasn’t successful. You’ll be able to identify where to look for challenges in the next change, as well as what needs to be corrected in future implementations. You should also set aside time to evaluate your results at various intervals after implementation. Examine if best practices are being followed and if the project is meeting its objectives. This ensures the continued success of the project.

Implementing integrated software can be life-changing for an organization. Your employees will be able to get more done in less time and with less stress. Your sales team will have new, streamlined tools to help them sell at their capacity. Space will be booked more efficiently. You’ll also save money by using your resources more efficiently and by making a sound investment in one software that can do it all, rather than separate systems. Ungerboeck is on the leading edge of technology. Our team is constantly looking at new technology and how it can be applied to meet our clients’ needs in all the industries we serve.

Contact Ungerboeck today to let us help your business become more efficient and successful.

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This blog is based on a presentation Presales Engineer Rob Rebman presented at MPI-WEC2011 in July.

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