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About This Certification

Take your career to the next level, earn recognition, and validate your skills in your job-role.

Ungerboeck Certified Registration Professional

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An Ungerboeck Certified Registration Professional has proficiency in advance day use of the Registration functionalities of Ungerboeck software, and is able to configure complex registration forms.

Who is this for?

The Ungerboeck Certification Program has been developed for Ungerboeck customers only.
The Ungerboeck Registration Professional certification is for event professionals who have been working within the Registrations space for at least two years.
You need to hold a valid Registrations Associate certification to be able to pass the Registrations Professional certification.

Skills measured

This list includes weighting, question groups and detailed areas. This list is intended to illustrate how we are assessing those skills, and is not a comprehensive listing of the content of the exam.

Advanced Registration Setup:

  • Advanced Registration Profiles
  • Guest Registrant Types
  • Exhibitor Registration
  • Registrant Type Validations
  • Registrant Type Confirmation Messages
  • Automatic Voucher Payments
  • Add-On Items
  • Badging and QR Codes
  • Advanced Registration Pricing
  • Advanced RCI/FCI Workflows

How should I prepare?

These training courses and materials will help with exam preparation:

On-demand courses

  • Profiling your Registrants for a Better Experience
  • What's New for Registration
  • Ungerboeck Product Update: Registration Events

In addition to the above, experience using Ungerboeck at your workplace, attending Ungerboeck Unite or visiting the Ungerboeck Knowledge Base are also beneficial.

About the exam

The tests consists of 50 multiple choice questions, and you will have 45 minutes to complete it.
You must score 80% or more to pass the exam.


Ungerboeck certifications are valid for 2 years.


Exam fee: $199 USD (waived until 31 December 2020)
Retake fee: $49 USD (waived until 31 December 2020). Exam can be retaken 1 week after the last attempt.

I'm ready!

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