Ungerboeck for Exhibitors

Exhibition Floor Plan Management

Exhibition Floor Plan Management System for Trade Shows, Exhibitions, & Expos

Ungerboeck provides an easy-to-use, yet sophisticated exhibition floor plan management system with powerful sales and operations features, allowing you and your team to maximize revenues quickly and efficiently. Our beautiful trade show floor planning software's user interface makes planning your next show fun and exciting.

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PowerfulEaseofUse  Easy-to-use CAD Features and Simplified User Interface

  Ungerboeck has created a trade show floor plan management system that emulates Microsoft Office’s end user friendliness and combined those features with AutoCAD-like precision to create a floor plan management experience like none other in the exhibitions industry.


Do It All Yourself With Our Exhibition Floor Plan Tools

Import your own DWG files from your decorator and XREF’s building layers without having to call Ungerboeck. Then add, move, rotate, resize, delete, draw, customize booth shapes and more. Trade show floor planning software does not get any easier than our drag and drop interface.


Move Exhibitors Based On Your Business Rules

Quickly and easily place exhibitors based on what they’ve actually purchased while easily cross-referencing booth preferences like specific numbers, halls, distance and more. Floorplan and exhibitor orders are synchronized in-real time; ensuring that your proposals and information are all consistent.


Keep Your Business Processes

Create specialized highlighting schemes based on your exhibitor attributes specific to each of your shows. Use Ungerboeck's trade show floor plan system to enhance the way your staff and your customers interact with your show's floor plan.


Metric & English Measurements

Utilize both English and metric measurements for your shows. Our exhibition floor plan software makes measuring and scoping out your floor plan easy.


Publish it All to the Web

Make your exhibition floor plan available on your show’s website for your attendees and exhibitors.


Automate Price Calculations

Let Ungerboeck give you peace of mind knowing that your exhibitors are always charged the right rates based on their attributes (e.g. member vs. nonmember, nonprofit vs. corporate), size of booth, floor location and more.


Audit Ready Certainty

Since Ungerboeck's exhibition floor plan software is a complete solution, Ungerboeck does all the heavy lifting to make sure that no mistakes occur when exhibitors make changes. Change information in occurs in ONE place, and it’s automatically reflected everywhere it should be. Ungerboeck is the only trade show floor plan software with full financials designed to help to help you manage your exhibition or show end-to-end.

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Success Stories

International Conference Centre Geneva

The CICG handles events in a multi-organizational environment thanks with Ungerboeck Software.

Interplan Congress, Meeting, & Event Management

Interplan streamlines processes in their Exhibition & Sponsoring department with Ungerboeck Software.

German Convention Bureau

From marketing to membership management - The German Convention Bureau finds an all-in-one Solution with Ungerboeck Software.

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