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Exhibitor Sales CRM Purpose Built for Trade Shows, Exhibitions, & Expo's

When your event's growth and profitability hinges entirely on the effectiveness of your sales process and the performance of your sales team, using an exhibitor sales CRM that understands the uniqueness of selling floor/booth space, sponsorships, and advertising is essential. Ungerboeck's modern exhibitor sales CRM can help your sales team move faster, sell more, and collect better information.

Ungerboeck's exhibitor sales & trade show CRM provides transparency all critical sales components. This allows event these stakeholders access to critical exhibitor, attendee, and sponsor information like; history, points, preferences, booth contacts, contracts, floor plan locations, invoices, deposits, payments and more. This can streamline sales processes and provides your sales team with better information than ever before.

This single system provides dynamic and easy-to-access mobile exhibitor sales CRM capabilities and website integration. Take control of your show with a solution that will help you deliver on promises, spot opportunities for booth and sponsor upsells, and close leads with confidence year after year.

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Improve Your Exhibitor Sales Process

Configure your Ungerboeck exhibitor sales CRM database to track the customer attributes and classifications that are important to your markets and groups you serve. Create, track and manage all prospective and active customer details including relationships like parent and subsidiaries, levels of interest, products and services opportunities, activities, notes, order histories, payments, documents and much more.


Automated Renewals

With Ungerboeck’s exhibitor sales CRM your renewal process takes just seconds.  This way you can focus your sales efforts on upselling space and adding sponsorships. You can even copy an entire event; including its floorplan and get all of last year’s exhibitors flagged as prospects to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. 


Exhibitor Booth & Sponsor Sales Opportunities

Ungerboeck takes the concept of sales “opportunities” to the next level. “Exhibitor opportunities,” which can only be found in Ungerboeck’s Exhibitor sales CRM, consolidates everything you need to know about your exhibitors into one central file, capturing the important information you really need to renew, sell, upsell and cross sell show cycle after show cycle. Features like exhibitor copy, reprice, recontract, assign and invoice can help you automate the renewal process.

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Web Integration Turns Your Website Into A Sales Machine

Configure online applications and contracts to allow for electronic signatures so that both first time exhibitors and renewing exhibitors can move quickly through the process, letting you focus on upselling.


Implement Exhibitor Sales Best Practices

Use tools like imports, campaigns, tasks and activity reminders to support your team’s ability to prospect, convert leads and close business. All the tools necessary to keep sales people on track.


Floor & Booth Sales Management

Sell bulk space then assign exhibitors based on your business rules. Allow your sales staff to sell directly from an interactive floor plan. Or, allow exhibitors to select preferences and process deposits via the online contracts portal. 


Exhibitor Sales CRM/AMS Integration

Users can implement the Ungerboeck API to keep data consistent between your publishing divisions, CRM or member AMS, or any other customer databases used by your business.

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Success Stories

International Conference Centre Geneva

The CICG handles events in a multi-organizational environment thanks with Ungerboeck Software.

Interplan Congress, Meeting, & Event Management

Interplan streamlines processes in their Exhibition & Sponsoring department with Ungerboeck Software.

German Convention Bureau

From marketing to membership management - The German Convention Bureau finds an all-in-one Solution with Ungerboeck Software.

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