Eventelligence Report: April 22, 2016

Eventelligence Report: April 22, 2016

Welcome to the weekly Eventelligence Report! Ungerboeck is always on the hunt for industry insights, facts, stats, quotes and whatever else we come across that might be useful, and it would be such a waste for us to keep it all to ourselves!  Here’s our pick of what’s hot this week. Enjoy!


22% of employees don’t feel that their workplaces have emergency plans in the event of a disaster. FE

UFI found in a recent study that the key enabling technologies are (from most important to least): Crowdsourcing and cloud service, big data, IOT, and mobile technology.

80% of Facebook posts will be video based; it’s the first 5 seconds that count. The Drum


Eventelligence Report: April 22, 2016


What Everyone Should Know About Running Virtual Meetings
By Paul Axtell, Harvard Business Review
Recent trends show that a strong desire or consideration when choosing a new position is flexibility and more bosses are trusting that work will be done when and how it should. This has a major influence on the importance of virtual meetings and allowing those communications to be successful.

Move Over Apps; Make Room for Messaging Bots
By Manish Chandek, Ungerboeck Software International
Facebook is now supporting automated messenger chatbots, CTO of Ungerboeck Software discusses what this could mean for the future of the events industry.

Trade Show: The Secret Weapon for Maximizing Business-to-Business Marketing ROI
By Eric Dyson, TSNN
Marketing B2B is a much different process than marketing to consumers. Each decision made is in hopes of a return benefitting the business. Here’s a look at how trade shows are your secret weapon.

6 Habits of the Forward Thinking Event Business
By Tahira Endean, EventMB
The events business is an ever-moving and ever-changing industry, in order to remain relevant in the grant scheme of things, one must always look forward. Here are six things that successful and optimistic event professionals do.


ParkHub and VenueNext Agree to Partnership
By Jason Hensel, IAVM
Venues are constantly on the search for innovative ways to better the experience of their visitors. In partnering with ParkHub, VenueNext has agreed to a partnership that will impact facility parking everywhere. With real-time data and a better experience for visitors, the partnership seems ideal.

CVB Offers Ultimate Add-On
By Jeanna Hofmeister, PCMA
There could be a lesson learned for CVBs everywhere based on this model: the CVB of Indianapolis, Indiana has began offering a list of free services provided to their event planners. They’ve realized the value that their staff has to offer and provide that to their clients!

Venue Trend: Industrial Style Spaces
By Jacinta Butterowrth, Event Genioso
We’re always talking about how you have to know what people are doing, what’s trending, and what they like to level the playing field and better your odds. Here is a great look at why “blank-slate”, industrial spaces are gaining speed in the events industry.

Workplace Disasters: A False Sense of Security?
Facility Executive
Despite survey results that 93% of workers feel their offices are a safe place to work (CareerBuilder), there is the argument that this “sense of security” is falsely placed. Here’s a look further at specific security threats and considering if we’re as prepared as we think. 

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