November 8, 2018    Abi Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), UAE

Join us for the Middle East Forum to expand your Ungerboeck expertise and learn about what’s new and what’s next!

Don't miss this free opportunity to hear about the latest news, products, enhancements and features from the Ungerboeck world! Manish Chandak, CEO at Ungerboeck, will share the company's vision with you in his opening session while ADNEC and Omanexpo, both Ungerboeck clients, will show you how our solutions helped them streamline their businesses. Furthermore, you will get further insight into the event and exhibition industry in the Middle East region from an ICCA representative. Secure your seat now!


Join us as we discuss new trends both in technology and the events industry and find out what they mean for Ungerboeck users moving forward. Discover the latest improvements in the software and learn about innovative new features that Ungerboeck has been quietly working on over the past 12 months. We will guide you through the product road map and provide context on how Ungerboeck intends to keep you connected and ahead of the curve – now and into the future.

Presenter: Manish Chandak, CEO at Ungerboeck Software

Discover how venues can improve their customer experience strategy with Ungerboeck following individual use cases as utilized and presented by the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC). See an online demo and hear about individual use cases, for example end-to-end online booking or directional signage.

Presenter: Sunando Chaudhuri, Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC)

Discover Ungerboeck's latest products for venues and learn how to improve your customer journey thanks to digitized processes. In this session you will become familiar with Ungerboeck's Event Planner Portal that will streamline your entire event planning process thanks to efficient collaboration with your clients. See how the Exhibitor Service Center can help you to reach your exhibitor sales goals with style and functionality.

Presenter: Silke Hoersch, Ungerboeck

This session showcases the capabilities offered to organizers by Ungerboeck's brand new exhibition products: Discover how the Event Planner Portal improves communication between venues and organizers, learn about the new Floor Plan, Ungerboeck's registration capabilities and the new session proposal tool.

Presenter: Charbel Chamo, Ungerboeck

This case study illustrates the successful digital transformation of a prestigious exhibition organizer’s floor plan system. In this session, Omanexpo will explain how they migrated their CRM and moved from Visio to Ungerboeck’s floor plan solution in order to optimize their exhibitor sales and floor planning processes.

Presenter: Iqbal Ansari, Omanexpo

The meetings industry in the Middle East has become a vital economic contributor and is now receiving more international attention than ever. With the growing positive perception of the Middle East region, the number of bids has significantly increased, creating a valuable knowledge economy with important sectoral conferences taking place across the entire region. The meetings industry platform facilitates further business development opportunities and has a great impact on the knowledge of the meetings industry within the region.

Presenter: Senthil Gopinath | Regional Director (Middle East), International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA)

Get useful hands-on tips from our Ungerboeck expert Charbel Chamo and learn how to work quicker and smarter with the latest version of Ungerboeck Software.

Presenter: Charbel Chamo, Ungerboeck

In this session, you will discover the technical possibilities that Ungerboeck has in store for you, including the Ungerboeck API that gets better and better every year, the Software Developer's Kit and our latest Middleware concept. Discover the newest features available with web hooks and how we’ve pushed them even further to expand our customers' efficiencies and introduce more automation.

Presenter: Naji Zenati, Ungerboeck

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Meet your local Ungerboeck Experts

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with your dedicated Ungerboeck team! As well as delivering the informative content, they will be on-hand to answer your questions, and provide guidance and advice on how to get the most out of Ungerboeck Software.

Manish Chandak
Manish Chandak

President & CEO

As President & CEO, Manish leads Ungerboeck’s continued drive to bring innovative and advanced market-based software solutions to the venues, events and exhibitions industry. He is well recognized for his technology vision and leadership and has been a speaker at various conferences on customer relationship and customer interaction strategies including Microsoft convergence and Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. Manish Chandak also serves on various boards including several local technology companies and the industry advisory board of the College of Computer Engineering at the University of Missouri.
Charbel Chamo
Charbel Chamo

Account Executive & Account Manager Middle East & Turkey

Charbel Chamo manages key accounts in the Middle East region at Ungerboeck. He has almost 15 years of experience as an IT solutions advisor for customers in France, Switzerland, the UK and in the Middle East region. His profound experience includes business requirement analysis and user training on event management solutions. He led numerous projects related to implementation of business management solutions in the industry and is therefore familiar with organizations' requirements and business processes, including convention and exhibition centers, conference centers, exhibition and trade show organizers, governments, convention bureaus and destination marketing organizations.
Silke Hoersch
Silke Hoersch

Executive Director Marketing and Business Development, EMEA

In her role as Executive Director Marketing and Business Development, EMEA, Silke Hoersch leads Ungerboeck’s EMEA entity together with Naji Zenati. She oversees the overall Business Development teams as well as the Admin and Account Management teams in the EMEA region. She has over 15 years of experience in the international event industry and consulted many event venues and organizers on their way to digitization. Silke is a regular speaker at industry events, for example ibtm World, and association conferences as well as universities.
Naji Zenati
Naji Zenati

Executive Director Services Delivery and Operations, EMEA

Naji Zenati serves as Executive Director Services Delivery and Operations, EMEA, at Ungerboeck and oversees the teams Services, Technical Services and IT in the EMEA offices. Naji Zenati has more than 20 years of experience in the tourism, event and hospitality industry where he held various positions in the marketing and sales environment as well strategic IT roles, including system integration and transformation projects. He has a strong passion for technology, innovation and new challenges. Thanks to his experience at Disneyland Paris, an Ungerboeck customer, he has extensive knowledge of Ungerboeck, both from an IT perspective and from an industry’s point of view.

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