Since ANZ Stadium’s grand opening in 1999, the Stadium has shared some of the greatest sporting events in Australian history with millions of fans. Purpose built for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, the Stadium has been using Ungerboeck Software for space booking and event management since it opened.

Specially designed for the unique Australian environment, ANZ Stadium is the only venue in the world designed to host five professional sports – rugby league, rugby union, Australian rules, football and cricket. The Stadium has also proven the first choice for global entertainment acts including U2, The Rolling Stones, Andre Rieu and AC/DC.

In 2009, ANZ Stadium decided to bring on more functionalities of Ungerboeck Software, such as CRM, financials, online functions, job management, membership services and reporting to its multiple departments, and to integrate its business functions and operations into Ungerboeck.

Executive management realized that software needed to do more than just support the business, and become a key player in business decision, evolution and growth. “Key to the success of Business System Software is the senior management of the business embracing the technology top down”, says James Baird, Manager Business Systems at ANZ Stadium. Management was aware of the costs of not investing in integrated and scalable business software which would put the organization behind competitors, and put employees at disadvantage. Baird adds that “Business software needs to be feature rich, scalable, consistently developed, easy to operate, and accessible from multiple platforms.” Ungerboeck was the solution they needed.

The Stadium moved their food and beverage business from another system to Ungerboeck, thus removing some business-to-business firewalls and personnel boundaries. Delivering integration of food and beverage operations into Ungerboeck Software was used as a litmus test for the rest of the business to further evolve, leading to event operations and coordination, membership and e-commerce the be used online together.

ANZ Stadium recognized the importance of integration of online applications and back office operations. “From an online perspective, ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ is extremely important through better use of e-commerce to the integration and operation of back office applications ensuring maximum efficiency through ease of use in software, external/internal interfaces and powerful reporting outputs,” James adds. “We needed to be in the electronic online space to remain competitive and evolve to meet expectations of technology-savvy users and clients.”

ANZ Stadium also implemented Ungerboeck Web Services or iEBMS. “The mature approach to this by Ungerboeck and assistance given with this application made the sell to the business easier and ultimately delivered a fantastic result for the business and clients”, states Baird. ANZ Stadium was especially satisfied with the integration of iEBMS to back office, payment gateway integration, the flexibility to customize web interfaces along with back office layouts and terminology.

With Ungerboeck financial modules now also being used to manage all accounting aspects of the business, from Receivables and Payables to General Accounting, Ungerboeck Software is now a true Enterprise solution for ANZ Stadium. “Consistency of modules, ability to heavily customize, access to and quality of the data model to assist in the development of custom reporting and aid better integration of 3rd-party applications are also key factors in the success of Business System Software“, James concludes.

To date, with almost 4 years of experience on using Ungerboeck to its fullest, James says, “We have gone from having some extremely one dimensional data to multidimensional data sets! And on making several changes to the way that the business uses relational databases, four years later we are now seeing the benefit of historical data coming into play.”

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