Financials & Audit-Ready Accounting
Event Managements & Operations Software


An event-centric financial system that gives you unrivaled efficiency, accuracy, and time savings

Ungerboeck’s financial and audit-ready accounting software is built for events. Event-specific functionality, such as inherently recognizing deferred revenue and reversing prepaid event expenses automatically in alignment with the event occurring, relieves your staff from the burden of manually executing these processes each month.

With a synchronized, airtight system that unites your operational and financial data around a GAAP framework, you can drill down to the source data and retrieve any level of detail in real time. Create audit ready invoices, add notes and reminders, track payments and monitor accounts. The ability to easily access accurate information ranging from micro-detail to big picture truly makes your information useful to everyone from executives to staff accountants – and even your auditors.


Ungerboeck integrates receivables with the entire event management and financial analysis process. This allows you to easily manage financial transactions and process and produce accurate invoices.

  • Invoicing & Payments
  • Deposit Invoicing & Reversals
  • Credit Checks / Payment History
  • Direct Access to CRM Data
  • Aging & Dunning Statements
  • Credit Card Authorization
  • Cash & Bank Reconciliation


Ungerboeck provides robust accounting functionality for the events business. Unique drill-down capabilities give you a perfect overview on your financial situation and budget.

  • Event Budgeting
  • Full GL Accounts
  • Cost & Profit Centers
  • Financial / Organizational Budgeting
  • Excel Integration
  • Expense Tracking


Ungerboeck’s Cash Book integrates all cash transactions through a central repository for your accounting and finance departments.

  • Banking Transactions Like Transfers or Withdrawals
  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Import of Bank Statements


Ungerboeck's Accounts Payable functionalities allow you to match purchase orders and supplier invoices, as well as process payments.

  • Voucher and payment processing
  • Integration with your event data


  • User-defined Fields
  • Automated Processes
  • Activity notes, reminders and alerts

Success Story


Ungerboeck Software est utilisé par le Centre International de Conférences Genève pour l’organisation d’événements prestigieux.

Köln Kongress

Le plus important gestionnaire de centres de congrès de Cologne optimise ses performances avec Ungerboeck.


Grâce au système Ungerboeck Software, INTERPLAN rationalise les processus de travail de son service Salons et sponsoring.

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