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Finally, an event management software that truly understands the meaning, goals and specialty of conference centers!

Conference Centers are known for their dedication in creating inspired, authentic, and memorable meeting experiences. Ungerboeck empowers you with integrated conference center management software to digitally unite sales, conference planning, culinary, operations, and finance to deliver the promised return on investment to your customer.

Only Ungerboeck Conference Center Software delivers a complete event management solution, driving accuracy and efficiency in ways other venue management software simply can't provide.

The future of venue & planner collaboration
Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Drive Revenue

    Efficiently manage and report on your marketing and sales funnel to maximize sales productivity and marketing return on investment.

  • Increase Profit Margins

    Easily forecast event requirements to ensure you're not under or over utilizing costly resources.

  • Transform Customer Service

    Provide planners "self-service" options like online document sharing, task lists, payment, and more.

Ungerboeck for Conference Centers

Ungerboeck for a Unified Conference Center Platform

Create a fabric of connectivity to unlock productivity and thrive in the digital era.

C o n f e r e n c e C e n t e r C a l e n d a r i n g S i m p l i f i e d

Truly understanding what is happening in your conference center should be adaptable to your venue and each staff members unique needs. Don’t get stuck with clunky and hard to use one-size-fits all calendaring software. With Ungerboeck, you can "personalize" calendars to what best suits how you both sell and operate the venue.


T h e F u t u r e o f C u s t o m e r C o l l a b o r a t i o n I s N o w

Executing flawless events requires you and planner customers have complete transparency with one another. Gone are the days of planning events through email inboxes and sifting through countless email attachments. Ungerboeck's Event Portal creates a friction-less environment where you and your planners conveniently and easily share documents and event plans, review tasks, schedules and more.

Event Planner portal

A d v a n c e d C u l i n a r y M a n a g e m e n t

Easily manage all aspects of your complete or day meeting package by creating specific menus, and packages aligned with how you need to allocate the per person per day package pricing and report on your event revenue, operations and profitability. Use notes and change order tracking to relay special customer requests and harness change order reporting to notify staff of last-minute customer changes.

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e C o m m e r c e B o o k i n g & S e r v i c e s f o r C o n f e r e n c e C e n t e r s

Looking to provide self-service booking options for some of all of your spaces? Look no further. Ungerboeck's Online Booking and eCommerce portal provides an "amazon-like" experience for your planner customers to search for space availability, place booking requests, book directly, order services, securely process payment and more.

Online Booking

A c c o u n t i n g S o f t w a r e D e s i g n e d f o r C o n f e r e n c e C e n t e r s

More than any other accounting platform, Ungerboeck understands your financial processes and reporting needs. Finally, you can eliminate redundancy and data re-keying by fully unifying your revenue and expense management needs within the same system used by the rest of your business. Required to use a third-party accounting software package? No problem. With Ungerboeck, choose the ideal process and integration points between your events and finance system. Only with Ungerboeck will your businesses sales, events, catering and finance teams can come together on the optimal approach that best complements your unique needs.


Y o u H a v e Q u e s t i o n s , U n g e r b o e c k H a s A n s w e r s

Venue professionals don’t just need reports to manage day-to-day operations, they need answers to the questions they have about their business. When you combine the power of capturing all key information in one place with Ungerboeck's our easy to use reporting tools, you empower your staff with game changing insights into your customer, event, operations and financial activity.


F r o m I n q u i r y t o P r o p o s a l s , C o n t r a c t s & B e y o n d

Streamline your sales funnel using CRM built for selling events into your conference center. Easily manage customer accounts and contacts, RFP's, phone conversations, correspondence, documents, proposals, and e-mails. Quickly compare customers requesting the same dates to determine which event best aligns with your conference center’s revenue objectives.

Sales CRM laptop

What Your Peers Are Saying

We saved about 4,000 man-hours per year since adopting the system.
Thanks to Ungerboeck Software the working processes are more structured, which is a great benefit for the whole company.
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Discover The Ungerboeck Advantage

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Common Questions

What is a Conference Center management software?

A Conference Center management software allows for conference and venue management within your venue, from Event CRM and booking calendars to operations, financials, and banquet event orders (BEOs). It improves communication and collaboration between venues and planners.

How does Ungerboeck for Conference Centers work?

Ungerboeck is a worldwide renowned integrated event management software that offers comprehensive end-to-end conference center management solutions tailored to your needs and the size of your venue.

What are the benefits of using a cloud-based venue and event management software?

Using a cloud-based system to run your conference center and events presents many advantages including robust data security, reduced maintenance costs, business continuity, and increased productivity and flexibility for your team.

What are the key features available in Ungerboeck Conference Center software?

Our streamlined conference center management software includes a range of products developed to help you run your venue and events smoothly: Sales & CRM, Event Calendar, Event Management, Order Processing, Online Event Portals, Financials and Reporting.