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seminar software - conference organizer softwareWithin your diverse client base, different customers may want very different things. The way to know what each wants is to really get to know them – each and every one of them. That takes time for research and one-to-one conversations. Things that can’t be automated or done online. Things that have to be done by human beings. That's where Ungerboeck seminar & conference organizer software comes in.

Ungerboeck Software's conference management solution gives you that time. Only Ungerboeck can replace three or more of your stand alone systems, like registration, abstract management, CRM, and invoicing – and the errors that come from rekeying information in more than one program. Imagine being able to track all event logistics in a single place. Each contact within an organization. Conversations between your sales team and sponsors. Meetings between planners, speakers and presenters. Transactions with registrants and attendees. Negotiations and planning with event venues and service providers. All in one place. Pair that with our robust financials package that’s specifically designed for the events industry and you’ve got a powerful platform that manages your events from initial booking through final invoice.

An international conference & seminar organizer software solution 

Replacing three or more systems – systems that were never built to work together in the first place – with Ungerboeck Software allows you to do more at a fraction of the cost. This translates to increased efficiency, lower error rates, less duplicate data entry, and reduced time hunting for information. Giving you more time, visibility and control to really focus on things like meeting customer needs and increasing revenue.

Ungerboeck is one system for...

 A unified event, seminar, and conference organizer solution

  • Make strategic decisions faster and with better insight: View all information about clients contacts, and multiple contacts within an organization – even attendees – on screen, so you can make well-informed decisions almost immediately.
  • Spend more time on revenue generating tasks: Stop jumping from one software system to another or from spreadsheet to spreadsheet entering and tracking down information. Spend your time on the tasks that really bring value to your events.
  • Keep everyone on the same page, anytime, any place: Track details wherever you do business, at the office, onsite at an event, at the coffee shop. And, offer interactive event information right on attendees’ mobile devices.
  • Get more of what you need, less of what you don’t – including added cost: In some cases, the financial software package you’re using costs the same as what you spend on your events software. By having both features in one system, you save by not having to purchase and support different software packages. Plus, Ungerboeck is the only solution in the market with audit-ready financials.
  • Work the way you want to work: Ungerboeck Software can be configured to the way you do business, from the language and terms you use, to the way an individual sets up his or her screen. That level of personalization increases productivity and improves employee satisfaction.

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