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Head to the Top of the Class

Only Ungerboeck delivers a complete and unified continuing education management solution for universities. Centralize the spaces, facilities, event details and registration all in one system.

Whether you are reserving space, detailing an event, tracking equipment inventory, setting up, handling billing and accounting, or getting attendees registered, Ungerboeck has you covered.

  • Harvard University
  • Duke University
  • MIS Training Institute
  • University of Wisconsin Extension
  • San Diego Gas & Electric - Energy Innovation Center
  • Southern California Edison - Energy Education Centers
  • Florida State University - Center for Academic & Professional Development.
  • Cleveland Clinic
Key Benefits

Let Further Education Flourish

  • Registration with Torque

    Powerful registration tools for even the most complex programs.

  • Financials in a Flash

    Track revenue in real-time. Create program-specific financial statements. Easily distribute revenue across departments.

  • Reporting Across Programs

    Run pace reports across multiple seminars and courses.

Ungerboeck for Continuing Education

An All-In-One Continuing Education System

Learning is a lifelong process – make sure its managed right.

T a k e C o n t r o l o f Y o u r C o u r s e s

Categorize events in a way that is meaningful to you. Provide access to specific course information to both the public and end-users.

Create certification classes and plan the courses ahead easily. Capture an attendee profile to market upcoming courses.

With our course management software, you can finally take control over what you have to offer.

Course Seminar Registration

G i v e C r e d i t W h e r e C r e d i t I s D u e

Ungerboeck can help to ensure students are receiving the right credits. Make the attendee accountable by recording the time spent in a course.

Check in attendees on-site with our mobile check-in app. Seamlessly ensure requirements are met and credits achieved. No more lost credits or messed up accounts.

With Ungerboeck, you can trust the students are receiving the right certifications.

Attendee mgmt

F i n a n c i a l s T h a t A d d U p

As the only audit-ready financial solution built specifically for the venue industry, Ungerboeck can provide financials that incorporate information from sales, operations, and financial transactions.

Eliminating the need to re-key information into a separate financial system means invoices get out faster, payments are received more quickly, and financial information is more accurate.

Finance System Integration

G o B e y o n d t h e N u m b e r s

Built-in reporting tools and data-rich dashboards provide crystal clear visibility enabling you to make informed decisions.

Benchmark events throughout the year. Compare multiple events. Review attendee and revenue comparison reports. Check the roster of people coming. Plus much more.

Tailor reports to your specific needs and requirements. Get an inside look and focus your attention where you need it most with Ungerboeck.

Report Builder

T h e P o s s i b i l i t i e s M u l t i p l y

Your business relies on multiple systems for day-to-day operations. That's why we made sure Ungerboeck is compatible with a multitude of integrations.

Ungerboeck provides add-ins for your favorite applications like Learning Management Systems, SalesForce, Tibco, Act-On, HubSpot, and more.

Our integrations allow for seamless connectivity across the important applications you already use and trust.


A S a l e s P r o c e s s T h a t F l o w s

Beyond simple CRM (customer relationship management), Ungerboeck offers a purpose-built sales system for continuing education. Optimize your sales force with a process that organizes and manages opportunities and follow-ups.

And with client, customer, and event history in the system, all your important data is at your fingertips. No more sales opportunities getting lost due to process problems.

CRM Registration

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