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Unify Your Exhibition & Venue Business With Exhibition Management Software

Ungerboeck helps exhibition corporations and exhibition companies to digitalize their venue and exhibition business with dedicated exhibition management software. By tying together both aspects of their business, Ungerboeck for Exhibition Corporations helps to efficiently run and operate exhibitions, halls and venue spaces. Exhibition corporations can optimize the entire exhibition journey by offering a complete solution for exhibitor management as well as exhibition sales and expo management services.

Thanks to an exhibitor portal and a seamless trade show floor plan, Ungerboeck’s exhibition and event management software offers great possibilities to exhibition companies to streamline sales and communication with clients while improving internal communication and exchange between departments.

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Key Benefits

What Your Business Really Needs

  • A New Level of Customer Service

    Give exhibitors the ability to do business with you at their convenience, 24/7. Maximize the number of self-serviceable tasks. And, centralize access to all service providers.

  • Boost productivity

    Automate everything that can be automated, freeing staff to be more flexible towards clients and to focus on higher level tasks that require a human mind.

  • Drive Exhibition Revenue

    Maximize your exhibition revenue and track your exhibition's success in real-time across all devices, whether you are on the show floor, on the phone or in the office.

Exhibition Corporations eBook
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Exhibition Corporations eBook

Download our free eBook and learn how Ungerboeck helps over 100 exhibition corporations and more than 1,500 event venues worldwide digitally transform their businesses.

Ungerboeck for Exhibition Corporations

A Unified Exhibition & Venue Platform

Inspired by the need to manage complex events and venues better.

W h e r e t h e E x h i b i t o r J o u r n e y B e g i n s

The one-stop shop for exhibitors makes it possible for organizers to maximize the number of self-serviceable tasks, while simultaneously exposing exhibitors to additional promotional opportunities, and driving incremental income.

Exhibitors can reserve their booth and/or submit booth preferences, execute contracts, make payments, upload documents, and connect directly to official service providers to place orders.

Ungerbeock Event Portal screen for exhibition corporations

E x h i b i t o r S a l e s W i t h S t y l e & F u n c t i o n

Rise to the challenges of exhibitor sales with a specialized e-commerce product that delivers style and functionality. Presents items and offerings in the best possible light via a beautiful, branded website with a familiar, shopping user experience.

Recommend additions, related upgrades, and bundled packages to make upsells easy and natural. Designate featured items to draw attention to best-sellers and offerings with higher profit margins.

Ungerbeock Exhibitor service center screen for exhibition corporations

E a s y & P o w e r f u l F l o o r P l a n n i n g

Ungerboeck’s floor plan management solution has been designed from the ground up using the powerful precision of AutoCAD, but with ease-of-use features found in products like MS Office.

Ungerboeck simplifies the process of creating floor plans, creating booths, merging booths, assigning exhibitors and much more all via a precise but simple to use interface.

Ungerbeock Floor plan screen for exhibition corporations

M o b i l i z e Y o u r W o r k O r d e r s

Work orders contain all the information your operations staff need to perform their job, including special notes, documents and customer requests. Quickly denote what was actually delivered to customers. Transfer service overages to accounting for invoicing & final settlement.

The simplified user interface contains all the utility needed to deliver work orders and capture the information—making this a powerful and necessary tool for your staff.

Ungerbeock mobile work orders screens for exhibition corporations

D e l i v e r G r e a t E v e n t s

As an exhibition corporation, client satisfaction is key to your business. You want to enable exhibition organizers to deliver smooth events while their highest priority is the satisfaction of their exhibitor clients.

Digitizing your business allows you to be much more flexible and efficient when it comes to planning and delivering the event. With Ungerboeck's facility booking and event planning features, you have the right tools to ensure flawless exhibitions, expos, and trade shows in your exhibition venue.

Ungerbeock Exhibitor Portal screen for exhibition corporations

M a k i n g t h e C o m p l e x S i m p l e & I n s i g h t f u l

Combining elements of conferences and exhibitions have become an important strategic element of the exhibition business. This mixed event type creates different requirements for exhibition organizers.

Working with Ungerboeck's digital registration tools, organizers can get further insight into attendees' behavior and to create a perfect ConfEx experience.

Ungerbeock Registration screens for exhibition corporations
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Discover The Ungerboeck Advantage

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Common Questions

What is Exhibition Management Software?

An Exhibition Management Software allows you to seamlessly manage your exhibition corporation business in one event management system, allowing you to efficiently run and operate exhibitions, as well as your halls & venue spaces.

How does Ungerboeck for Exhibition Corporations work?

Ungerboeck provides dedicated exhibition and event management software solutions to keep your exhibitions management running smoothly. It helps to improve the digital exhibitor experience while streamlining communication across all departments who run exhibitions.

What are the key features available in Ungerboeck Exhibition Management Software?

Our streamlined exhibition management software ties in important aspects, such as expo management services, an exhibitor portal, trade show floor plan, ticketing and registration.